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September Poll Results: What’s Your Non-IT Dream Job?

Hey everyone,

Wow -- where did September go!? Come to think of it, where did the first 9 months of 2015 go!?

Well, we’re OK with the calendar, because Halloween is coming up and we LOVE getting dressed up around here. We’ll post pictures, so don’t worry…you’ll see us in all of our humiliating Halloween glory.

First things first thought: September’s poll results are in!

As you may recall, we asked you to share with us your non-IT dream job. We had lots of great responses! Here are some of our favorites, along with our comments.

  • **“Though, I would love to work for NASA or SpaceX, be it an IT or Non-IT role... to be involved in launching missions to space, would sure invoke the geek in me!” **[We know what you mean Ben! Once a geek, always a geek!]
  • **“I'd love to chuck it all and become a beer brewer. I love the smell of hops and barley in the air...” **[Brandon, we couldn’t agree more! Here at Devolutions, we surely love the beer smell…and the taste of it!]
  • I'd like to be President of the United States because then I'd be in charge of everything which is the ultimate power trip!”[Well, we all have our own way to get a power trip but this one is, like you said Jonathan, the ultimate one.]
  • “**Competitive BBQ Pit Master. Cruising around the U.S. and entering all of the BBQ competitions.” **[Cool idea! Send us some burgers when you’ll get the chance InkMaster (from Spiceworks)]
The Winners Are

We’re thrilled to give away two $25 Thinkgeek.com gift certificates to 3 poll participants. The winners for September are…drum roll please…Markus who would love to be a carpenter, Jacob Evan who dreams of being an AMA pro pacer, and Brandon Smith, the future beer brewer. Congratulations!

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the September poll. Never stop dreaming! And stay tuned for the October poll – it’s on the way!

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