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April’s Poll Results: What are your favorite Remote Desktop Manager features?

Hey guys,

April is finally over! Not that we don’t like the month of April, but here in our part of Canada, it’s been kinda rough. Usually, April means warmer temperatures, singing birds, drinks on the patio Jand that kind of fun stuff. But this year, Mother Nature had other things in mind – including a few more days of SNOW.

Anyway, we finally got through it! And if that wasn’t enough to make us happy, here’s another wonderful reason: April’s poll results are in!

As you hopefully know by now, the latest version of Remote Desktop Manager 9 includes many BRAND NEW features, and so we wanted to know what your favorites were. Here were the top 3:

  1. Keep tab on disconnect
  2. Embedded credentials
  3. AD synchronization

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Remember that we build our features in response to requests and feedback from amazing users like you. It’s part of our mission to integrate the most technologies possible in our software, so that we can deliver the most complete remote connection, password management, and credentials management solution in the industry.

Check out our features list here: https://remotedesktopmanager.com/features

And the winner is…

The randomly selected winner for April’s $25 Amazon gift certificate is Ben Liebowitz!

Again, thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned for the May poll, coming very soon!

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