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As Devolutions’ marketing coordinator, I’m in charge of the company’s social media and advertising portfolios. I’m also responsible for establishing, maintaining and developing relationships within and beyond the Remote Desktop Manager community. I’m also in charge of the Devolutions blog, which means that I’ll be writing about various topics that, I hope, will be interesting and relevant to community members like you.

The Geek Olympics

Hey everyone,

Unless you’re living on another planet, you know that the Sochi Olympics are happening now! And we don’t want to boast (because that’s not really the Canadian way), but Team Canada is doing pretty good right now. In fact, for a few days, we had the highest medal total, which is pretty amazing when you consider that there’s only about 30 million of us (and no, we don’t all drink beer and play hockey…sometimes we play Anki Drive, too!)

Here at Devolutions, we LOVE watching the Olympics! And that got us thinking (we’re always thinking here). What if there was Geek Olympics? And if so, what would the events be? Here’s what we came up with:

The Disc Golf

Why would anyone want to play boring golf, when they could be throwing a Frisbee? The rules would be pretty much the same as golf, except you wouldn’t need clubs, balls and tacky checkered pants. The objective would be to get a Frisbee into a basket with the fewest number of throws. Disc golf is perfect for geeks like us, because even the laziest person can throw a Frisbee, right?

The Video Game Triathlon
Call of Duty

Some researchers suggest that playing video games improves creativity, perception, short-term memory and decision-making. Well, that’s good news for geeks! Because it means we can make it a Geek Olympics event (of course, there are some negative things that researchers say as well, but that’s another story). Here's our proposed Video Game Triathlon:

Shooter: Call of Duty Black ops II with the Zombie Mode. Classic: Tetris no time limit, 3 heats for the highest score Racing: Project Gotham Racing: 5 laps of the Nurburgring


Memory Championship It’s well known that geeks are ultra-smart and have a great memory. So in honor of that, our Geek Olympics would certainly have to include a memory competition of some kind. We figure 8 separate events could work, with competitors having to memorize:

  1. Written numbers
  2. Spoken numbers
  3. Playing cards
  4. Random words
  5. Names & Faces
  6. Historic dates
  7. Abstract images
  8. Speed cards


Harry Potter

We all know that geeks love fantasy movies like Lord of the Rings, Avengers, and Harry Potter. So why not have a friendly (or maybe not-so-friendly) game of Quidditch in our Geek Olympics? OK, so we haven’t quite figured out how geeks (or anyone else for that matter) would be able to fly around on a magic broom, trying to catch a flying ball. But c’mon. WE’RE GEEKS! Surely if we put our heads together we can figure it out…

Quizz about Geek movies

Star Wars
Ah, yes: Star Trek, Star wars, X-Files, Back to the future, the Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, and the wonderful list goes on. These are movies that most geeks have seen so many times, that they can (and sometimes do) recite the lines. So we figure that for the Geek Olympics, we could challenge geeks to take a movie quiz. The questions would be like: “Which story from the first age inspired the love story of Aragorn and Arwen in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy?” or “What spaceship model was used by the Rebel Alliance to destroy the galactic empire’s first Death Star in Star Wars?”

What Do You Think?

Obviously, the Geek Olympics isn’t for amateurs. I mean, lots of people want to be a geek these days. But it takes a lot of talent and hard work to be a true, total, no-turning-back geek. It’s not for amateurs!

So what do you think about our list? Do you agree with our event selection? Or do you have some better ideas? Please let us know what you think and, remember: THE GEEKS SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH! (As long as there isn’t any boring paperwork involved, that is…J)


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