While you may be familiar with the unique history of our company, we wouldn’t be where we are if it weren’t for extremely special people along the way who really believed in what we were trying to do.And today, I’d like to share an interview I had with the very FIRST person who believed in us, Andrew Roe. (My questions are in bold, followed by Andrew’s answers.)

How did you meet David our CEO?

I never actually met David. In late 2007, I was running a small IT business in Western Michigan. I was struggling to find a tool that would allow me to centrally manage RDP connections to all of my customers’ computers, and my PSA software and RMM did not have that capability. I did some web surfing, and came across a little app called Remote Desktop Manager. It was close, but not exactly what I needed, because although it was access-based, it did not allow multiple people to share the same database file.

So, I contacted the developer – David -- and asked him if he would create a SQL based version, so that I could have my entire team share a centralized database of connections. I sent him a donation, and he came back a week or two later with the SQL version of the application. That was how David and I first started talking.

What made you choose Remote Desktop Manager?

To be honest, I respected David. He responded quickly to my inquiry, and he was a one-person small business, not unlike me. I thought he had a solid little app that with a slight change could be a very powerful tool.

How do you use Remote Desktop Manager today?

I no longer have my IT businesses, but I still use this tool to maintain all of my connectivity session for my private consulting business. I also introduce it to all of my clients, and if they don't have a tool already, when I leave they are using Remote Desktop Manager for managing their connectivity data.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our community?

It was an absolute pleasure to watch from the sidelines as David took a small idea, and turned it into a world class product. I may have planted the seed in the ground, but it was David's hard work, determination, and savvy business know-how that worked the fields, cultivated the crops, and brought in the harvest.

In a relatively short amount of time, David has gone from coding in his basement, to a wonderful new office space on a converted golf course. I can tell from the few people I have met that he has surrounded himself with professional, knowledgeable and hardworking individuals with a level of professionalism that reflects in organization's accomplishments.

On behalf of everyone here at Devolutions, and furthermore, on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of IT pros around the world who use and trust Remote Desktop Manager each day, I would like to thank Andrew for believing in us, and helping point us in the right direction. It’s also very inspiring to note that listening to our customers tell us what THEY want vs. us telling them what WE want has been at the heart of Devolutions since the very beginning!

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