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TechEd 2013: Swag Alert + The Countdown has Begun!

TechEd - Earphones Swag Alert

As you may already know, in a few days the extremely friendly Devolutions team will be at Microsoft TechEd 2013 in New Orleans. The countdown has finally begun!

Last year, TechEd was held in Orlando and we had the pleasure of meeting Remote Desktop Manager users from all around the world. To thank many of you who took the time to visit us, we handed out earphones (and they flew off our shelves!). So, since you all seem to love swag as much as we do, this time we’re offering something even cooler. Yes, we’re giving away earphones again. But since we’re all about evolving and innovating here at Devolutions, these are newly-designed NEXT GENERATION earphones and they really rock! Here are three reasons why you’ll love them:

1-They're designed for ears:

The design for these next generation earphones didn’t start with the speaker in mind: they started with the ear in mind, and feature a very comfortable fit that feels great

2- They're durable:

The folks who tested these next generation earphones logged plenty of miles on treadmills in extreme heat and extreme cold. They performed various cardio workouts. They were even asked to shake their heads from side to side. The verdict? Stronger protection against sweat and water, and an extraordinarily stable fit.

3- They optimize your listening experience:

In addition to being more stable, these next generation earphones are designed with the ear’s geometrical contours in mind, which allows them to send sound directly into the ear canal – so you can really hear your favorite tracks like never before.

Come Visit us!

Sounds exciting? Well, there's a pair of next generation earphones with your name on them! Just stop by our booth and get ready to rock! We have a limited number of those earphones so come to see us by booth 723 as soon as you can!!

On behalf of the team here, we can’t wait to meet wonderful RDMers, and connect with new IT pros who are looking for the ideal way to manage all of their remote connections and passwords.


Anne-Marie Mongeon

As Devolutions’ marketing coordinator, I’m in charge of the company’s social media and advertising portfolios. I’m also responsible for establishing, maintaining and developing relationships within and beyond the Remote Desktop Manager community. I’m also in charge of the Devolutions blog, which means that I’ll be writing about various topics that, I hope, will be interesting and relevant to community members like you.

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