Stéphanie Bourque

Stéphanie Bourque

As Devolutions’ marketing coordinator, I’m in charge of maintaining our social media properties, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. I’m also responsible for establishing, maintaining and developing relationships within and beyond the Remote Desktop Manager community. I’ve always worked and participated in community projects that reflect causes that are very important to me, such as food safety, environmental protection and social inclusion. With my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Communications, I’ve led fundraising and awareness campaigns for different organizations. I also write about the environment and technology for the blog “Growing Without Borders”, which is an organization dedicated to providing computers and IT support to disadvantaged communities.

Meet our New Mac Developer: Mathieu Morissette

Today, it’s my pleasure to welcome our new Mac developer Mathieu Morissette to the Devolutions family. I recently had the chance to chat with Mathieu and ask him some “get to know you” questions: Can ...

Meet our CTO Stefane Lavergne

Hi everyone, As you probably know by now, in between updating you on new product releases/updates, poll questions/results, tips & tricks, and geek stuff, we love introducing you to members of the ...

Devolutions It Gadgets 2015

9 Gadgets that any IT Pro should have in his Office

Hey everyone! One reason we like sharing pics of our office, is because we’re really proud of the cool gadgets that we have around here. Stuff like our fridge (check out the logo at the top!), our du...

Sysadminotaur #44: Pow3r.us3r.78

Devolutions Expert RDM 10 Review - Jan-Pieter Tevel

We asked  Devolutions experts to share their first impressions of RDM 10, so we could feature them in our blog. In december, we presented you Brendan Thompson’s review, an IT expert and CEO of BT Syst...

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Sysadminator - Halloween Special Edition

SYSADMINOTAUR : Halloween Special!

SYSADMINOTAUR #33: Dresscode

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Jump Host Made Easy: Introducing RDM Jump

Hi RDMers! As you probably know, last month we launched Remote Desktop Manager 10, which offer tons of cool new features and functions. Well, if you thought we're done launching new products for a whi...

Profiling women in IT: Part 2

Yesterday, we highlighted three powerful and successful women in IT: Marissa Mayer (CEO, Yahoo!), Meg Whitman (CEO, HP), Virginia M. Rometty (CEO, IBM), Today, we conclude our look by focusing on thre...

Introducing the Devolutions Expert Team!

Since we launched Devolutions in 2004, our team members have had the honor and pleasure of interacting with incredibly smart and talented IT pros around the world via our blog and forum, as well as th...

[Customer Story] TIP Technik und Informatik Partner Uses Remote Desktop Manager to Manage Their Password Policy

“Thanks to RDM, we definitely reduced organizational overhead and improved efficiency and productivity by centrally managing all our connections to our customers.” Client Snapshot TIP and Technik und...

What is Green IT

What is Green IT?

Hey guys, Did you know that in june there was International Green IT Awareness Week? It’s an annual event designed to educate individuals, corporations and governments about their technology-related e...