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December Poll Result: What’s on Your Devolutions “Wish List” for 2024?


Last month, we asked the Devolutions community to share with us what new Devolutions products, features, and improvements they want to see delivered in 2024. We share the results of this poll in the article below.

A new year brings fresh possibilities and exciting opportunities. To get a sense of what you are hoping to see become a reality in the months ahead, in December we asked you to share your Devolutions “Wish List” for 2024.

There were many great responses. As promised, we shared all of them with Santa Cloud when he stopped by for a chat and some time in our golf simulator (for those unfamiliar with Mr. Cloud, he is Santa Claus’s less-known but geekier cousin who delivers gifts to all of the good IT boys and girls around the world).

Let’s take a look at what the community covets and craves in 2024.

More Sysadminotaur!

The most popular wish list item was more Sysadminotaur! But not just comics. There were also requests for new videos and wallpapers (might we see a Vault II in 2024?).

As you can all appreciate, it takes Patrick a considerable amount of time, effort, concentration, and coffee to consistently create exceptional and original material. However, we’ll do our best to enable and persuade him to add to the Sysadminotaur universe this year (or we’ll just give him much more coffee and hope for the best!).

Features and Functions

Many of you also shared some technical improvements and innovations that you hope to see in 2024, including:

  • SaaS web-based Devolutions
  • A feature in RDM to autogenerate URL field(s) based on a host name or an IP and custom rules
  • An easy way to export passwords from Devolutions Hub to a PDF or Excel file by vault
  • A serverless remote desktop gateway function service
  • RDM Power BI reporting

We are diving into all of these to see if they could become part of the Devolutions 2024 Roadmap. We’ll keep you posted, and may be getting in touch with some of you to ask for more input and advice.

There were also requests for more insightful tutorials and articles, which are definitely part of our plans for 2024.

Aw, Shucks — You’re Making Us Blush!

A few of you also took the time to let us know that you don’t have anything on your Devolutions wish list at this time, because you’re happy with our products and ongoing improvements. For example:

  • MRay said “I'd like to see RDM continue to go from strength to strength!”
  • Cor Tadema said “It has everything I am looking for or use and no additional requirements (yet)”
  • Crimson Star said “There's nothing on my wish list this year. I have everything I need :)”
  • Ron said: “I don't have special wishes, but I am sure Devolutions will come up with new features in RDM which I can't think of right now but turns out I wanted them :-)”

We’d like to thank you for the encouraging feedback. And rest assured that we will continue meeting YOUR high standards and expectations in the months ahead. We’d rather get stuck on a long business trip with Boss from Sysadminotaur than let you down!

Other Wishes

It was also nice to see some fun requests on the big Devolutions 2024 wish list, such as a request for more Waykees (we’ll see what we can do, Ffournier!).

A few of you also hope to enjoy some “toys” this year like Meta Quest 3, a new laptop, and some cool bird-themed coasters that are both informative and functional. Alas, it’s not within our powers to fulfill these particular wishes — BUT we did pass them along to Santa Cloud, and he promised to look into it.

The Winners Are…

You’re ALL winners because you are that thin geeky line between clarity and chaos. If this were Westeros, you would be the “Watchers on the (Fire)wall.” We know that in 2024 you will rise to every occasion, and solve problems that will astonish your non-technical colleagues. Hey, it’s how you roll.

And now, let’s reveal the two randomly-selected poll participants who will each receive a $25 Amazon gift card (which is more than enough to get a set of cool coasters). Congratulations to Jwalant Natvarlal Soneji and Daniele Comelli! Please email me at lcadieux@devolutions.net to claim your prize.

Stay Tuned

Thank you to everyone who participated in the December poll, and for giving us much to think about this year. Please stay tuned for the first poll of 2024, which will be available soon!

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