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A Recap of All the Events Devolutions Attended in 2023


This article lists all of the events, in chronological order, that the Devolutions event team participated in last year.

75,497 kilometers — or 46,912 miles — is quite a long way. For instance, it’s about one-fifth of the distance to the moon. It’s about half the distance that the average person will walk in their entire lifetime. And it’s also about the distance that the Devolutions event team journeyed last year!

When they weren’t busy standing in airport lines, returning trays and seats to their upright position, and wondering why coffee machines in hotels are ridiculously small (what — are they expecting a convention of Hobbits?!), our ambassadors were hard at work representing Devolutions at some of the world’s most highly esteemed IT events. Here are the events we participated in in 2023:

  • January 23–25: Shnizzfest Episode 2023 in Pheonix*
  • February 1–2: ChannelPro SMB in Dallas
  • February 14–17: MSP Expo in Fort Lauderdale
  • April 18–20: Cyberconference 2023 in Montreal
  • April 24–27: Kaseya Connect Global 2023 in Las Vegas*
  • May 17: Connexion : le salon de la transformation numérique 2023 in Montreal
  • May 18–19: NorthSec 2023 in Montreal*
  • June 1–2: ITSec, Sommet de la sécurité informatique au Québec in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
  • June 26–28: Kaseya DattoCon Europe 2023 in Dublin*
  • August 1–3: CompTIA ChannelCon 2023 in Las Vegas
  • September 6–7: ChannelPro SMB Forum in Boston*
  • September 13–14: GoSec 2023 in Montreal
  • September 20–21: ASCII Edge, The MSP Conference 2023 in Chicago*
  • October 2–4: Kaseya DattoCon in Miami*
  • October 10–12: it-sa Expo&Congress in Nuremberg
  • October 25–26: SecTor 2023 in Toronto
  • November 8–10: IT Nation Connect 2023 in Orlando*
  • November 17: New York Cyber Security Summit 2023 in New York City*
  • December 4–7: Black Hat Europe 2023 in London

Events marked with a * indicate that Devolutions was both an exhibitor and a sponsor.

Events (Much) Closer to Home

In between connecting with customers, partners, and peers around the world (and gathering more swag than they know what to do with), the Devolutions event team also hosted some webinars in our very own in-house broadcast studio, including:

  • April 11: Devolutions’ Products 2023 Roadmap
  • September 26: Beyond Remote Desktop Manager's Basics: Guide to Real-world Use Cases
  • November 22: Tackling IT Security in Small Businesses: Mitigating Risk with Devolutions

Tampa, Here We Come!

After a well-deserved break over the holidays, the Devolutions event team is ready to trek across the globe yet again in 2024.

Their first stop will be at the Tampa Cyber Security Summit on January 26. Devolutions is both an exhibitor and sponsor at this popular event, which for the last six years has been rated as one of the “Top 5 Must Attend Conferences” — and we completely agree!

If you are planning to attend the Tampa Cyber Security Summit, or if you are located in Central Florida, then we would love to meet you. Contact us at to schedule a private one-on-one chat. To learn more about the event and to register for it, please click here.

We’re Just Getting Started

2024 is already shaping up to be an extremely busy year for the Devolutions event team. Please visit and bookmark our Events Page for an up-to-date schedule. We hope to meet you!

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