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Bonjour! My name is France. Over the past 25 years, I have gained extensive experience as a User Liaison, QA, Implementation Advisor, and Trainer in various IT domains and companies. For the past few years, I have had the pleasure of being part of the Devolutions team, and I can confidently say that I have found my rightful place. Since the beginning of Devolutions Hub Business, I have been actively involved in coordinating and contributing to the development of an enhanced user experience with the product and its companion tools. My passion lies in assisting both users and colleagues, providing training that simplifies workflows internally at Devolutions and benefits our valued customers externally. When I'm not immersed in the world of IT, I enjoy playing Djembe, exploring the great outdoors, and embracing the VanLife experience. Alongside these personal pursuits, I proudly serve as a Product Marketer at Devolutions, specializing in Hub Business.

Streamlining Devolutions Hub Personal


Beginning October 31st, Hub Personal and Hub Business will operate on the same backend, and Hub Personal users will be guided through an update to facilitate a smooth transition.

Hub Personal and Business teams are unifying in Devolutions’ ongoing effort to streamline operations and development. As of October 31st, Hub Personal will use the same backend as Hub Business, which will help regulate our updates. After the merge, Hub users can anticipate the following improvements:

  • Web Interface UI Updates
    • Updated navigation icons and sections.
    • Enhanced search that adds the ability to search through all fields.
    • Previously trashed entries are now located in Reports → Deleted Entries.
  • Added Features & Changes
    • Increased customizability of Vault dashboard cards.
    • Addition of an Entry Security analyzer report (similar to the Password analyzer report).
    • Quickly accessible release notes.
    • Addition of a password history for each entry.
    • User profiles (under User Settings) for Business or IT Professionals, simplifying the user interface.
    • Additional entry types, including more information, credentials, and session types.

We need your help to complete this transition!

After October 31st, upon accessing Hub Personal from either Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) or from the Hub Personal Web interface, you will be prompted to complete the transition.

Hub Personal Web Interface

Opening Hub Personal in your web browser will display an informational message to finalize the transition through a safe and quick data migration (time dependent on the size of your Hub Personal).

Make sure to update your RDM to at least version 2023.3.x to continue accessing Hub Personal. Previous versions of RDM cannot access an updated Hub Personal Data Source.

Remote Desktop Manager Version 2023.3.x

Upon opening RDM and the Hub Personal Data Source, a message will display prompting you to perform the update. If you opt to perform this action, your web browser will open to the Hub Personal transition web page, where you can finalize the update.

Note: There are no steps to take for the Devolutions Workspace mobile app, desktop app, or browser extension. If you have any questions or concerns about this change, feel free to reach out to our support team at!

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