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July Poll Question: Once Vital, Now Obsolete Tech?


This month, Devolutions wants to know: what technologies (devices, gadgets, systems, software, etc.) that you once “couldn’t live without” do you now find irrelevant, uninteresting, and obsolete?

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July is not just the 7th month of the year, or that time when kids start complaining about how bored they are. It is also “Plastic Free July.” This is a global movement that encourages people from all walks of life to be part of the solution to plastic pollution, so we can have cleaner, safer, and more beautiful streets, communities, and oceans.

The idea of working to get rid of plastics that we once coveted and collected is appealing and inspired our geeky July poll question.

This month, we’d like to know: what technologies (devices, gadgets, systems, software, etc.) that you once “couldn’t live without” do you now find irrelevant, uninteresting, and obsolete?

Depending on your experience and how long you’ve been working and playing with tech, you might have some of these candidates in mind:

  • Palm Pilot (gently placing a PDA in its cradle was so satisfying)
  • Usenet (you MUST see this list, created in 1996, of 102 things NOT to do on Usenet)
  • WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3 (Word? Excel? Never heard of ‘em!)
  • Fax machine (“oh no, someone picked up the phone, we have to re-send the fax!”)
  • VCR (bonus points if you were a Betamax person)
  • Dot matrix printer (nothing like waking up in the morning to discover the 14-page banner you need for school jammed the night before)
  • Pager (who didn’t want to feel like a doctor being called to an emergency?)
  • Typewriter (not realizing that you ran out of ink three sentences ago for the win!)

This is just a small list — there are so many tech possibilities that were once on your “must-have” list, but are now something you would consider paying someone to haul away (like a museum curator, or folks who are REALLY into retro).

You Could Win

Simply by participating in the July poll, you’ll be automatically entered to win one of two $25 Amazon gift cards. Just imagine what you could buy, including the Star Wars trilogy in glorious VHS format (“Use the rewind button, Luke!”).

We’ll announce the lucky winners when we look at the responses in early August. Thank you in advance for participating!

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