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Devolutions Welcomes as a Technology Partner


We are delighted to announce that Devolutions has entered into a technology partnership with Discover why we entered into this partnership, and learn about the mobile app improvements you can look forward to in the coming months, starting with Remote Desktop Manager.

At Devolutions, we focus relentlessly on enhancing our roster of products, and on continuously delivering more value to our global user community. Because we know just how challenging and complex things are on the IT landscape, we strive to make your experience more productive and secure.

One way we achieve this objective is by establishing strong relationships with like-minded IT companies who share our commitment to innovation, improvement, and user success. Today, we are delighted to officially announce that we have welcomed as a technological partner.


Founded in 2009, is a pioneering mobile-first RMM software company, which many years ago created the world’s first successful mobile network admin app. Today, the company’s flagship solution (also called enables IT departments and teams worldwide to leverage their mobile devices and the cloud to resolve IT issues anywhere on demand.

About the Partnership

The visions and values of Devolutions and align perfectly. Both companies launched around the same time, and while the path that each has taken hasn’t been identical, they share striking fundamental similarities. For example, both Devolutions and

  • Have a very loyal global user community of IT pros.
  • Have built a reputation based on integrity, competence, trust, and honesty.
  • Have grown substantially over the years the “right way,” which means putting substance over hype, taking care of employees, always taking accountability, and never taking shortcuts.
  • Have demonstrated a world-class commitment to constantly raising the bar, improving standards, and doing better.

Plus, the people behind are not just extremely smart — they are also extraordinarily friendly. Have you ever bumped into a group at a conference, and immediately felt that you were all “from the same tribe”? Well, that is exactly how we felt when we first connected with the team a few years ago. What started out as an informal and friendly chat evolved into a strong and rewarding professional relationship!

What You Can Expect

Thanks to the synergies that are unleashed by this technological partnership, in the coming months you will begin to see a significant evolution in our mobile apps' capabilities. We will start with Remote Desktop Manager, and eventually roll out enhanced and new mobile capabilities across our full roster of solutions.

Below is a snapshot of just some (but certainly not all!) of the improvements in the pipeline for Remote Desktop Manager:

Active Directory Improvements

We will be adding several new sections to the navigation panel, including important information that you will see whenever you launch your console, such as recently expired accounts. You will also have better access to lock, unlock, and reset passwords (this functionality already exists, but it’s going to be much better!), and a new view that shows the entire AD forest, subtrees, and quick queries.

  • Other enhancements include the ability to:
  • See if any users are currently locked out
  • Lock/unlock users
  • Quickly search for objects
  • Quickly reset passwords
  • Browse the Active Directory tree to find objects
  • Create new users and groups
  • Find BitLocker recovery passwords
  • Enable, disable, edit, and delete objects

PowerShell Improvements

We are in the process of integrating a secret management module at the RDM level, which means that all data sources will be available through RDM PS.

We will also be adding the ability to manage cloud hosting services such as AWS, Google Workspace, and Office 365, so that you can create users, manage groups, and reset passwords. This new technology also includes a cross platform Windows management PowerShell API, which allows you to perform activities like restarting services and managing tasks or PowerShell Consoles from any RDM platform including iOS, Android, MacOS, and Linux.

Network Scanning Improvements’s network-scanning functionality is phenomenal, and we are bringing this to RDM! Scanning with RDM will not only be faster, but it will be comprehensive and detect every device on the subnet. Look for this improvement later in 2023.

Intelligent Platform Management Interface Improvements

We are in the process of improving remote management options for HP iLO and DRAC. This will greatly benefit IT pros who want to use their mobile device to configure, update, run, and monitor servers remotely.

This is Just the Start!

Our technological partnership with is new, and we are only beginning to tap into the powerful, transformative synergies of this relationship. We look forward to exploring and introducing more improvements ahead. This is just the start!

The bottom line? With the team, Devolutions is now BETTER than ever before, and the most important people in our world — YOU, the members of our global user community — are the beneficiaries!

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