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May Poll Results: What Are Your Biggest Concerns About AI?


Last month, we polled the Devolutions community to find out what are their biggest concerns about AI. In this article, we analyze the results and reveal the poll winners.

In 1955, four visionary computer scientists proposed a conference designed to explore in depth “the basis of the conjecture that every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can in principle be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it.”

However, at that time there was no standard concept or category to classify their inquiry. So they did what all good geeks do when the terminology they need doesn’t exist: they invented it! And lo and behold, the phrase “artificial intelligence” was born.

Well, here we are nearly seven decades later, and AI has surged into the mainstream — which is inspiring cheers in some ways, but triggering concern in others.

For the May poll question, we focused on the latter and asked you to share your biggest concerns about AI.

Worries and Warning

The responses to May’s poll question were some of the most thoughtful and in depth that we have ever seen. Below is a summary of 10 AI-related worries and warnings that you collectively mentioned:

  1. Concerns about fake information (articles, videos, photos, etc.).
  2. Concerns that people will think AI is far more intelligent than it actually is (for example, there are many stories emerging about ChatGPT making massive mistakes).
  3. Concerns that we are headed for a Skynet scenario (an artificial intelligence system that becomes self-aware in the Terminator movie franchise).
  4. Concerns about the lack of basic rules.
  5. Concerns about widespread economic inequality and job loss (including outright job elimination).
  6. Concerns that people will become so reliant on AI that they will lose the ability to think on their own.
  7. Concerns about the fundamental fact that AI doesn’t have emotions and “common sense.”
  8. Concerns about who is — and who isn’t — in control.
  9. Concerns about cybercrime and criminal misuse.
  10. Concerns about privacy.

Obviously, this is an issue that many of you are thinking about — and so are we. This doesn’t mean that all of us are “anti-AI” by any means. However, it does mean that there are many issues and implications that are not being fully understood and discussed. And there are many vital safeguards that are being partially or completely ignored. Unfortunately, we are going to find — as we tend to do as a species — that solving certain problems will be far, far more difficult than avoiding them in the first place.

The Winners Are

Let’s shift away from anxieties about Skynet and deepfakes, and focus on something on a much happier note: the winners of May’s poll contest! Congratulations to Somya and David Prows! Both of you have won a $25 Amazon gift card. Please email me at lcadieux@devolutions.net to claim your prize.

New Poll on the Way

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the May poll and made it one of the most interesting and thought-provoking ever. The June poll is on the way. We will continue with the AI/automation theme, but this poll will be fun and positive (we promise!).

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