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April Poll Results: Your AI Project Plans


Last month, we polled the Devolutions community to find out what AI-related projects they have planned for this or next year. In this article, we analyze the results and reveal the poll winners.

For several years, AI has been moving towards the mainstream. And while the technology is far from perfect — for instance, some folks advise treating ChatGPT as a toy instead of a tool — there is no question that AI will profoundly change how we live, what we do, and how we do it (or perhaps better stated: how AI does it instead of us).

To get a sense of what is happening out there on the business landscape, last month we asked you to tell us: What AI-related projects you have planned for this or next year?

Projects on the Horizon

Below is a snapshot of the workplace-related AI projects that some of you have on the horizon in 2022 and 2023 (entries with a * were mentioned more than once):

  • Increasing efficiency by automating day-to-day/repeatable tasks*
  • Increasing security*
  • Building an enterprise/private ChatGPT clone
  • Chatbot to reduce help desk tickets
  • Assisting in script writing
  • BI and AI to help business decisions.
  • Docs and communication
  • Robotic process automation for load testing
  • Help in writing Windows apps

In addition, 36% of respondents said that they do not have AI projects planned for this year or next year.

Excitement… or Apprehension?

There also appears to be some apprehension around adopting AI. Community member Ron articulated this concern very well:

“I am still in doubt whether AI is a good or bad thing; it can bring a lot of good things to humanity, but as long as humans are still in control. Unfortunately, like with every good thing, it can also be turned to something bad. And that is the part that worries me the most.”

While we are advocates and proponents of AI in some ways — essentially, anything that makes life more efficient, easier, simpler, and more streamlined for IT pros is a good thing — we share the view that AI development and deployment must be guided by firm standards and principles. Otherwise, instead of an ally it could become an enemy. Unfortunately, we are already seeing some elements of this in cybersecurity with the rise of “Offensive AI” (read more about this here). For the May poll question, we will dive deeper into the anxieties around AI.

The Winners Are

On a much happier note, let’s turn our attention to the randomly selected poll participants who have each won a $25 Amazon gift card: congratulations Igor Svetek and Cor Tadema! Please email me at lcadieux@devolutions.net to claim your prize.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the April poll. As mentioned, the May poll question will continue our look at the growing concerns around AI. Please stay tuned!

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