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Hello! My name is Laurence Cadieux, and I’m a Communication Coordinnator here at Devolutions. My role includes overseeing the content strategy and development of our blog, managing the content and communication for our VIP advocate platform “Devolutions Force,” and working closely with our PR partners around the world. I also handle our off-site content opportunities (magazines, journals, newspapers, etc.). Academically, I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing. When I’m not working, I sing in a band, and I enjoy watching my favorite movies again and again. I also love cooking, and during the pandemic, I became a bread expert — I can now bake the most amazing key lime pie on earth (if I do say so myself!). Plus, I recently discovered LEGO and there is no turning back — I’m hooked! I’m always happy to help, and you can reach me directly at

Devolutions’ Event Calendar: Spring/Summer 2023


Each year, Devolutions participates in many events locally, nationally, and internationally. In this article, we look at where you will find the Devolutions Event Team in spring/summer 2023.

Some of you may recall a wildly popular video game in the 1980s/90s called: “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” Well, fast forward about 40 years (and from CGA to 4K monitors), and get ready to play: “Where in the World is the Devolutions Event Team?”

Here is where you will find our adventurous crew in the spring and summer of 2023:

Cybereco Cyberconference 2023

When: April 18–20, 2023

Where: Montreal Convention Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

About: Join Devolutions for the third edition of the Cybereco Cyberconférence! This hybrid in-person/online event brings together CISOs, sysadmins, cybersecurity professionals, cybersecurity students, directors, and decision-makers for high-level cybersecurity discussions. The main sessions will be simultaneously translated in English/French.

The event features insightful speakers from diverse organizations, including Homeland Security, the FBI, the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, the police, and the Cloud Security Alliance. Don't miss this chance to dive deeper into the cyber realm. We'll be there — we hope you will, too!

Registration: Cyberconférence 2023

Kaseya Connect Global

When: April 24–27, 2023

Where: MGM Grand Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada

About: Although Las Vegas is known as a “city that never sleeps,” IT and InfoSec professionals will be able to rest a little easier by attending Kaseya Connect Global! The acclaimed event is designed for leaders and experts in the IT service industry looking to help build systems, evolve their companies, and help lead the industry into a stronger tomorrow.

Devolution is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of Kaseya Connect Global. Come meet us at “The Premier IT Event of the Year!”

Registration: Kaseya Connect Global 2023

Connexion: le salon de la transformation numérique

When: May 17, 2023

Where: Montreal Convention Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

About:  Connexion: le salon de la transformation numérique (Connexion: The Digital Transformation Show) is the one-stop destination for professionals striving to optimize processes, both in terms of human resources and technology integration in the context of digital transformation.

At Connexion, you’ll tap into the collective knowledge of experts in innovation, human resources, information technology, and governance to gain valuable insights into current solutions and best practices. Additionally, you’ll have the unique opportunity to learn about ways to make your businesses more efficient and competitive within your respective markets.

Unlock your potential for true transformation — and meet the Devolutions Team — at Connexion!

Registration: Connexion : le salon de la transformation numérique 2023

NorthSec 2023

When: May 18–19, 2023

Where: Bonsecours Market in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

About: NorthSec is a community of volunteers running world-class cybersecurity events in Montreal, and the largest on-site CTF in the world, aimed at raising the knowledge and technical expertise of professionals and students alike. This is a great opportunity to attend some of the world’s best conferences and to connect with your peers.

We are proud to be a sponsor of NorthSec 2023, and hope to see you at Canada’s biggest applied-security event!

Registration: NorthSec 2023

Kaseya DattoCon Europe

When: June 26–28, 2023

Where: Dublin Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland

About: Kaseya DattoCon Europe is the perfect destination to experience the best of both Kaseya Connect and DattoCon all in one place. Take advantage of over 40+ informative sessions, celebrity keynotes, the M+A Summit (focusing on mergers and acquisitions), as well as multiple bootcamps where you can dive deep into Kaseya’s product offerings. Get up close with industry leaders, who are offering thousands worth of in-depth knowledge and training. Enjoy networking opportunities with vendors, one-on-one chats with the Kaseya Leadership team, and inspiring stories from the most successful MSPs in the industry.

We are thrilled to be a Bronze Sponsor at Kaseya DattoCon Europe. Come meet our team on the Emerald Isle!


We’re Adding More Events

Just like Carmen Sandiego, our intrepid Events Team will traveling the globe throughout the year so we can learn about best practices and trends, and spread the word about Devolutions. Please visit and bookmark our Devolutions Events page to see where we’ll be in the months ahead!

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