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David has over 15 years of experience in software development. As President and CEO, David is responsible for Devolutions’ corporate strategy, and for overseeing product development. After establishing Devolutions inc. in 2004 as a software consulting service, David evolved the company’s mission in 2010 to focus on turn-key software solutions. Today, with over 800,000 users in more than 140 countries, Devolutions is a leader in the field. Reflecting on Devolutions’ success, David credits his extensive experience in software architecture, his entrepreneurial spirit, his solid foundation of business intelligence, and a total commitment to satisfying customers. David holds several certifications in the IT field, and earned his Computer Science diploma from the University of Montreal.

Devolutions 2023 Roadmap


Devolutions' annual roadmap outlines our plan for continued industry leadership and innovation in our products during the calendar year. In this article, we reveal our ambitious roadmap for 2023.

Hello everyone! Once again, it is my pleasure to share the Devolutions 2023 Roadmap. This is our annual look at some of the key milestones that are planned for our suite of products during this calendar year.

A Note to Customers, Colleagues, & Partners

We will explore the Roadmap in just a moment. But first, please allow me to share my appreciation and admiration for three very important groups of people: our customers, my colleagues, and our partners.

To our customers: On behalf of everyone at Devolutions, I wish to thank you for your incredible support and loyalty. Many of the improvements and additions planned for this year are the result of your feedback. We are always listening to you and focusing on better ways to serve your needs and solve your problems. It does not matter how much we grow, or how much success we have. Without you, there is no Devolutions. Be assured that we never lose sight of this.

To my colleagues: Henry Ford said: “Coming together is beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” I have the honor of experiencing this every day with you. I guess we could ask Patrick to create a new comic strip called “Life at Devolutions,” but it wouldn’t be all that dramatic because we truly respect, support, and encourage each other. Plus, nobody screams passwords out the window (although I heard Max sometimes screams when his golf simulator performance isn’t great).

To our partners: I wish to thank our exceptional network of strategic partners, vendors, and affiliates worldwide, who play a crucial role in helping us deliver our solutions to more people, in more places. We look forward to enhancing our relationship with you in the months ahead.

And now, please join me on a high-level tour of the initiatives and developments that we have planned for 2023. We will start by looking at what’s coming up soon in March, and then shift our focus to what’s on the horizon for later this year.

MARCH 2023

Integrations (Unified Releases)

One of the most valuable aspects of our solutions is that they are designed to seamlessly integrate. This allows customers to combine multiple solutions to unleash enhanced benefits with respect to productivity, operational efficiency, security, visibility, compliance, user management, governance, and affordability.

Since multi-solution integration is a top priority for many of our customers, let us kick things off by looking at the unified improvements and additions that will be globally implemented across Remote Desktop Manager, Devolutions Server, Password Hub Business, and Devolutions Workspace. Here is what we have planned for the March releases:


  • Customizable Dashboards: This will include configurable layouts, items, and clickable links that provide quick access to pertinent information.
  • Better Reporting: This will include new and updated logs, unified naming conventions across the board, and improved exporting to external tools (e.g., Syslog, Windows Events, etc.).
  • Upgraded Image List Management: Instead of storing images directly in each entry, they will be stored globally in the data source. This will reduce vault size and enhance data source performance.


  • New Onboarding Process: We are enhancing the onboarding process for Admins and users on our various platforms. This will include step-by-step wizards, tutorials, information screens, videos, and more. More enhancements are planned for the future.
  • Treat Hidden Custom Fields as Sensitive Data: This will allow you to set custom fields as sensitive. Doing so will encrypt the data, and only users with the “CanViewSensitive” permission will be allowed to view the entry.
  • New “Flag Connections as Broken”: This will allow users to report issues with entries in a standardized and effective way. Admins will receive a notification when an entry gets flagged, so they can take action and resolve the issue.

Remote Desktop Manager (RDM)

Trusted by more than 800,000 IT pros worldwide, Remote Desktop Manager securely centralizes all remote connections on a single platform, supports hundreds of integrated technologies, and features built-in password management tools. It enables IT pros and teams to improve security, speed, and productivity throughout their organizations while reducing inefficiency, cost, and risk. Here is what we have planned for the March release:


  • Global Macro Script Tools: You will be able to access your favorite scripting tools globally, instead of having to recreate them in each vault. Plus, the tools will be customizable (much like the editable Shared Templates). Many of you have requested this improvement!
  • Improved IT Asset management: The new asset management entries will include owner history and additional fields for asset tracking.


  • Windows Terminal Integration: This will be an alternative to the classic “console host,” and includes Windows Terminal profiles, better resizing, and more customization properties.
  • Azure Bastion Integration: You will be able to use Azure Bastion to establish more secure RDP and SSH connectivity to all VMs in your virtual network.
  • CyberArk SAML Integration: SAML is the technical standard used by SSO providers to communicate that a user is authenticated. RDM will soon support SAML authentication for logging into CyberArk.
  • New History for User-Specific Settings: You will be able to track user-specific settings, in order to see what has changed and when.

Devolutions Server (DVLS)

Devolutions Server is our comprehensive, highly secure password vault management solution with built-in PAM functionality. It enables organizations to control access to privileged accounts, improve overall network visibility for sysadmins, and ensure a seamless and positive experience for end-users. Here is what we have planned for the March release:


  • Better Console Installation Process: We are streamlining initial installation of the Devolutions Console, which is used for managing Devolutions Server Instances and Gateways. This will simplify and accelerate the setup process.
  • More Customizations for PAM AnyIdentity Providers: The updated PAM AnyIdentity Provider tool, formerly the Custom/Generic Provider, delivers enhanced flexibility and customizations, enabling admins to create tailored Identity Providers with ease. These AnyIdentity Providers will interact securely using various credential accounts across the network by leveraging a more comprehensive range of settings and scripting tools.
  • Improved AzureAD Performance: Caching users will no longer be mandatory for Azure AD accounts. This will enhance the performance for those with large ADs, and provide more up-to-date data without having to refresh.


  • Push Notifications with the Devolutions Workspace App: When a checkout request is sent from the Devolutions Server, the approver will receive a push notification on their mobile device, directing them to the approval section in the Devolutions Workspace app.
  • Installed Components List: To improve visibility, we are adding a list of installed components (e.g., scheduler, gateway, recorder, web server, etc.) on the Console Dashboard.
  • Additional Recovery Kit Storage Option: You will be able to export your DVLS Recovery Kit into a Password Hub vault as another backup storage location.
  • Web-Based RDP Client in the DVLS Web Application: this will allow you to open RDP connections via the Devolutions Gateway from your browser.

Password Hub Business (PHB)

Password Hub Business is our secure, flexible, and easy-to-use cloud-based password management solution for team environments. It enables organizations to vault, manage, govern, and share business-user passwords and other sensitive data. Here is what we have planned for the March release:


  • Reorganization of SSO Configuration: Configuration of SSO providers will be done directly in Password Hub, as opposed to the Devolutions Portal. This will enable better support for future SSO providers (e.g., Okta) later in the year.
  • New PAM Functionalities: We are adding a unique vault type called a PAM Vault, which can host a new Privileged Account entry type. These new Privileged Accounts can be linked to Azure AD accounts, and allow for checking in/out of these accounts and password rotation. Please stay tuned for a blog post on this improvement!


Ability to Disable Companion Tools: We are adding options in the properties of user accounts, which will allow you to disable access to a Password Hub from an associated Devolutions Companion tool like Devolutions Web Login or Workspace. This will prevent specific users from using the companion tool to access the vault contents of their Hub.

Web-Based Import/Export of Entries: Initially, this will be limited to a Devolutions JSON file. However, we plan on adding more options later this year.

Devolutions Gateway

Built to work seamlessly with Devolutions Server and Password Hub Business, Devolutions Gateway provides authorized just-in-time access to resources in segmented networks. As a result, end users can access the company's internal network from home in a way that is much more secure and efficient than through using a VPN or RDGateway (please read this article by Stephanie for a closer look at this). Here is what we have planned for the March release of Devolutions Gateway:

  • Adding Telnet support to the list of Gateway-supported protocols.
  • Adding the ability for websites to pass through the Devolutions Gateway via the Devolutions Web Login browser extension.

Devolutions Workspace Desktop & Mobile Apps

Introduced in early 2022, Devolutions Workspace is a mobile and desktop app that brings together four solutions — Authenticator, Password Hub Business, Password Hub Personal, and Devolutions Server — onto a single, centralized application. Devolutions Workspace simplifies and streamlines access and management, and is an ideal companion tool. Here is what we have planned for the March release:

  • Adding Autofill Support for Devolutions Server: This will enable you to pull website credentials from your Devolutions Server Vaults so they can be used in AutoFill instances on your mobile device.
  • Adding Push Notifications with the Devolutions Workspace App (we mentioned this in the section on Devolutions Server).
  • Adding the ability to add attachments via the Workspace Desktop App.
  • Improving support for tablet devices.

Devolutions Web Login (DWL)

Devolutions Web Login is our free browser plugin designed to work with Remote Desktop ManagerDevolutions Server and Devolutions Password Hub. It allows users to securely inject passwords into websites using credentials stored in their vaults. Here is what we have planned for the March release:

  • Improving the Edit Entry Process: Instead of opening a new window to edit entries via the Password Hub and Devolutions Server web apps, you will be able to edit the entry directly in the Devolutions Web Login extension.
  • Adding Credit Card Autofill: If you choose to enable this feature, then your credit card information will be securely auto-filled onto website forms (e.g., bank/credit card merchant websites, online store checkouts, etc.).


As you can see, we are going to be very busy in the first part of 2023. But please do not assume that we will dial things back and take it easy. Around here, the only thing we love more than a comprehensive Star Wars timeline or a great Sysadminotaur comic is improving solutions for our customers! Here is a quick look at some of the developments that we have planned for later in 2023:

Remote Desktop Manager

  • X Window support natively in the application
  • Task dashboard to run scripts with custom parameters and credentials
  • Multi logins linked to the same user
  • Improved Remote management options for HP ilo and IDrac
  • Google Workspace console
  • Office 365 console
  • SSH server key console
  • Improved AD Console with better LDAP support
  • Cross-platform PowerShell terminal (macOS and Linux)
  • Business Unit feature (MSP client, division, site, or partner)
  • Improved network scan
  • IP entry list

Password Hub Business and Devolutions Server

  • ServiceNow ticket integration
  • Okta Support for Password Hub
  • Just-in-time elevation
  • Multi PAM vaults
  • RDP/VNC web-based
  • Adding Business Unit feature for better organization of MSP clients, divisions, sites, or partners
  • Restricted access vaults
  • Vault owner with the possibility to request full/temporary access (vault visibility)
  • Secure online password sent for external users

Devolutions Server

  • Embedded Certificate Authority (SSH, X509, Authenticode Signature)
  • Azure Key Vault integration

This is Just the Start!

Please keep in mind that this is not a definitive list of what we have planned in 2023. Remember, we call this a “Roadmap” and not a “Blueprint.” We will be doing MUCH more in the months ahead. The IT security and overall business landscape is always changing, and we work hard to keep our customers safe, successful, and ahead of the curve.

To help us do that, please continue letting us know what you want us to add, improve, fix, or change. Getting in touch with us is easy: you can comment on our blog, post in our forum, or get in touch with us directly (by the way: the best option is to post in the forum, so that other customers can learn about your ideas and share their expertise).

Once again, THANK YOU to our customers, my colleagues, and our partners. Because of you, while the past has been very successful and exciting, have no doubt that the best is yet to come!

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