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Remote Desktop Manager Free and Enterprise Are Now Unified

Here at Devolutions, one of our most fundamental commitments — at the heart of who we are and what we do — is that we’re always listening to our customers.

That is why we are delighted to announce a major improvement that many customers have asked for: Remote Desktop Manager Free and Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise are now part of a SINGLE download instead of 2!

Why the Change?

Many customers start their Remote Desktop Manager journey by trying the Free version, and then upgrading to the Enterprise version to take advantage of the additional benefits.

In the past, customers who wanted to upgrade from Free to the Enterprise version had to download a separate product with its own feature set and licensing. While this was not especially difficult, it was not very efficient. Well, we’ve fixed that!

Now, Remote Desktop Manager is a unified installation for BOTH Free and Enterprise customers. Think of it like “One Remote Desktop Manager to Rule Them All.”

The Advantages

There are several advantages of unifying Remote Desktop Manager Free and Enterprise as part of a single instance, including:

  • If a user switches from Remote Desktop Manager Free to Enterprise, there is no need to uninstall/re-install anything. Simply purchase and add your license to your RDM data source.
  • Managing licenses is now centralized and easier. Adding/removing users is also easier.
  • Licenses are no longer local and can no longer be distributed, so you do not have to individually assign licenses to each user.

In addition, the same PowerShell module works for Remote Desktop Manager Free and Enterprise.

Message for Current Remote Desktop Manager Free Users

Please note that migration from the old version of Remote Desktop Manager Free to the new version will happen automatically. There is no need for you to do anything!

What ISN’T Changing About Remote Desktop Manager

If you are using Remote Desktop Manager Free or are planning to give it a try, then please be assured that we are NOT reducing or removing anything. It is still a robust, secure, and functional remote connection solution that has the same generic features of the Enterprise version. The key difference is that Remote Desktop Manager Free is suitable for individuals, while the Enterprise version is suitable for businesses and teams. Click here for a clear at-a-glance comparison.

Oh, and one more thing that we like to point out from time to time: the “free” in Remote Desktop Manager free is not false advertising. It is truly FREE. It is not trialware, donationware, or nagware.

Activating Remote Desktop Manager Free

To activate Remote Desktop Manager Free, simply download it from our website and connect to a free data source such as Password Hub Personal and/or local SQLite. No serial number is required anymore.

Tell Us What You Think

As mentioned, this improvement is in response to feedback from our global community of customers. We are always listening to you, and relying on your advice to make things better. Please let us know what you think of this change, and keep those suggestions coming!

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