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A Closer Look at the Benefits of Integrating Devolutions’ Solutions

One of the most important aspects of our solutions is that they are designed to seamlessly integrate with each other. This unleashes even more benefits related to productivity, operational efficiency, security, visibility, compliance, user management, and governance.

There is also significant cost-saving potential, as integrations allow organizations to affordably and strategically leverage two or more Devolutions’ solutions to customize their remote connection, password management, and privileged access management infrastructure — getting precisely what they need, and not paying for anything that they don’t.


Below, we highlight some key integrations:

Integrating Remote Desktop Manager + Password Hub Business

Password Hub Business is a cloud data source for Remote Desktop Manager. As a result, users can securely store all of their remote connections, websites, and credentials on a centralized cloud-based platform, and access them from anywhere. Pairing these two solutions creates a robust, password management and session management platform that supports over 150 tools and technologies. Key advantages of this integration include:

  • Import files from other data sources or products directly in Password Hub data source vault.
  • Launch remote sessions (e.g. RDP and SSH) directly from Remote Desktop Manager.
  • Access offline mode to retrieve passwords even when there is no internet connectivity — which is especially useful for remote workers. The offline copy is as secure as the online version.

In addition, deploying Password Hub Business gives all of your users — including those without Remote Desktop Manager — a secure password manager that they can easily access through a web interface.

And speaking of security: your organization can be assured that Password Hub Business meets the same stringent security standards as Remote Desktop Manager. Password Hub Business has been certified AICPA SOC 2 Type-II® and has completed a SOC 2 Type II report which details the management’s description of Devolutions Password Hub (DPH) and the suitability of the design and operating effectiveness of its controls (to receive the report, please contact our team by sending an email to In addition, Password Hub Business uses zero knowledge encryption, which prevents any third party (including Devolutions) from accessing your data.

Finally, Remote Desktop Manager also integrates with Password Hub Personal, which is a free solution for personal use or for individual users. Through the integration, users can add Password Hub Personal as a data source in Remote Desktop Manager, and enjoy the same advantages as Password Hub Business.

For more information on this integration, please visit: Remote Desktop Manager Integration

Integrating Remote Desktop Manager + Devolutions Server

Devolutions Server functions as the back-end data source to store remote connections and credentials, as well as process the creation of users. In addition, the seamless integration between DVLS and RDM also supports multiple 2FA tools, full Active Directory integration, and improves security when authenticating Remote Desktop Manager users.

Pairing these solutions creates a robust, all-in-one privileged account and session management platform and infrastructure that supports over 150 tools and technologies, including multiple 2FA products. This also improves security when authenticating Remote Desktop Manager users. Other advantages of this integration include:

  • Devolutions Server adds an extra security layer between Remote Desktop Manager and the database (SQL Server or SQL Azure).
  • Create a multi-layered environment for the management of users, remote sessions, credentials, VPNs, and more.
  • Isolate the database behind a middle tier prevents malicious insiders from masking their actions.
  • Subscribe to a wide range of notification options, and specify which ones should trigger an alert.
  • Automatically generate reports and monitor activity for training, auditing and compliance purposes.
  • Establish full Active Directory integration, which ensures that user creation, user management, and folder permission settings are always in sync.

Plus, deploying Devolutions Server gives all of your users — including those who do not have Remote Desktop Manager — a powerful, secure, and easy-to-use password manager that can be accessed through the web-based interface.

Essentially, the integration of Remote Desktop Manager with Devolutions Server gives your organization the keys to their IT kingdom, and also the army to defend it!

For more information on this integration, please visit: Remote Desktop Manager Integration

Integrating Devolutions Server + PAM Module

The PAM Module is an optional license-based add-on integration for Devolutions Server. It contains all of the core features of a robust, enterprise-grade PAM solution including:

  • Automatically scan to discover privileged accounts (e.g. user, system, admin, service, database, etc.) from various providers.
  • Admins are automatically notified of checkout requests and can grant/reject it as appropriate.
  • Enforce password rotation upon check-in of a privileged account, or schedule password rotations (this changes both the system and Devolutions Server credentials).
  • The built-in recording server saves remote session recordings locally or remotely.
  • Securely inject credentials directly into remote sessions, but without ever exposing them to users.
  • Keep track of privileged sessions and account activity with detailed admin reports for logging, audit, and compliance purposes.

In addition, integrating Devolutions Server with the PAM Module reduces the threat posed by bad actors attempting to steal remote desktop protocol (RDP) credentials for privilege escalation or lateral infrastructure attacks.

Specifically, Microsoft Remote Credential Guard (RCG), which is the traditional RDP in-memory credential protection, has restrictions that do not work for all organizations. Furthermore, RCG limits the types of credentials available for use, and those available for some conventional IT tasks (e.g. account delegation, using service accounts in automation, etc.).

Integrating Devolutions Server with the PAM Module enables your organization to rotate credentials on every check-out for an RDP session, which mitigates the potential exploitation of the RDP credentials. Credentials do not need to be passed to users, as each authentication occurs one time — thereby eliminating the need to rotate credentials. To learn more, please see our Use Case that covers this specific scenario and solution.

For more information on the overall integration of Devolutions Server + PAM Module, please visit: Privileged Access Management

Integrating Devolutions Server + Devolutions Gateway

Pairing Devolutions Server with Devolutions Gateway establishes a secure entry point for internal or external segmented networks that require authorized just-in-time (JIT) access. Your organization can also generate detailed session tracking and auditing, and eliminate the need to continuously update VPN and firewall rules when granting temporary access.

In addition, deploying Devolutions Gateway side-by-side with Devolutions Server gives remote workers secure access to your organization’s internal network. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can also use multiple Devolutions Gateway servers and easily connect to separate customer networks.

For more information on this integration, please visit: Gateway

Integrating Devolutions Web Login + Remote Desktop Manager, Password Hub Business, and/or Devolutions Server

Devolutions Web Login is our free, lightweight, and easy-to-install browser plugin that integrates with Remote Desktop Manager, Devolutions Password Hub, and Devolutions Server. It enables your users to securely inject passwords into websites using credentials stored in their vaults.

With Devolutions Web Login, your users have a simple, yet secure method of automatically connecting to websites — without ever having to remember passwords. At the same time, Admins have full control over password management, but without affecting user productivity.

Devolutions Web Login is currently available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge. For more information on this integration, please visit: Devolutions Web Login

Integrating Devolutions Workspace + Mobile Apps

Officially launched earlier this year, Devolutions Workspace integrates all of our mobile apps together into a single, centralized, and cloud-based location. This makes mobile app access and management simpler and more efficient (similar to Office 365 and Google Workspace).

Currently, Devolutions Workspace includes the following mobile apps:

  • Devolutions Server [NEW]
  • Devolutions Authenticator
  • Password Hub Business
  • Password Hub Personal

Devolutions Workspace is available for iOS and Android. Desktop apps for Windows and Mac will be released soon. For more information on this integration: [NEW] Devolutions Workspace 2022.2 is Now Available

Integrating Devolutions Launcher + Password Hub Business and/or Devolutions Server

Devolutions Launcher is our popular companion tool for Password Hub Business and Devolutions Server. This integration provides your users with a simple method to launch remote sessions. At the same time, Admins maintain full control of whether passwords and sensitive information is shared or kept secret. All privileged account information is transmitted directly from the password vault into the remote session via Launcher's secure API.

For more information on this integration, please visit: Devolutions Launcher

We Are Here to Help

Many of our customers around the world are taking advantage of some or all of these integrations. If you need support or advice on how to use Devolutions’ solutions to customize your remote connection, password management, and privileged access management infrastructure, then contact us.

We are here to answer your questions, provide advice, and (if you choose to implement multiple solutions) make your integration experience simple, straightforward, and successful!

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