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June Poll Results: What’s Your Ideal Harry Potter-esque “Signature Spell” at Work?

Last month to mark Geek Pride Day, we asked you to swap your car for a Nimbus 2000 and tell us what your ideal Harry Potter-esque “signature spell” is at work. For those unfamiliar with this type of incantation: a signature spell is one that wizards and witches use most often.

So, You Want to Move Around, Fix Things, and Unlock Stuff, Do You?

There were several responses, and many described how you’d use your powers in an noble, clever, or just hilarious way — like community member Stian Simonsen, who would use Alohomora to open up everyone’s biscuit/cookie jars (we 100% support this Stian, as long as you share with us!).

However, three signature spells in particular dominated the responses:

  • Apparating (also sometimes referred to as Apparition), which is a transportation spell.
  • Reparo, which is a spell that repairs broken objects.
  • Alohomora, which is a spell that unlocks objects (and it’s also Hermine Granger’s signature spell).

Other Favorite Spells

Plus, there were some votes for Obliviate (erases memory), Silencio (silences someone or something), Homonculus Charm (reveals someone’s true identity and location), and Levioso (levitation, and some fans say that this is Ron Weasley’s signature spell).

Custom Signature Spells

We also loved that a couple of you came up with your very own signature spells!

Community member Ron wants to cast Invisiblio Teleportato, which “makes me invisible for my colleagues to leave me alone with stupid technical questions and makes me teleport to any part of the work in an instant. When I'm invisible, I can help others in any kind of need and not take the credits for it (because it doesn't need credits).”

And community member Crimson Star wants to cast Sleep, which “I'd cast it on myself over the weekend to get some rest”. Some specs of this very cool and helpful spell include range: 240' | Duration: 4D4 Turns | Effect: 2-16HD of living creatures within a 40'x40' area.

The Winners Are…

If we had a signature spell, it would be Geminio. Why? Because this charm would allow us to duplicate anything — and we would cast it on our $25 Amazon gift cards, so that we could give one to everyone who participated in the poll!

Alas, we are still working on our magical talents, and so for now we only have two gift cards for randomly selected participants. Congratulations to James House and Paweł Kamecki! Please email lcadieux@devolutions.net to claim your prize.

Stay Tuned

Thanks again for everyone who participated, and please stay tuned for the July poll question that is coming very soon.

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