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Hello! My name is Laurence Cadieux, and I’m a Communication Coordinnator here at Devolutions. My role includes overseeing the content strategy and development of our blog, managing the content and communication for our VIP advocate platform “Devolutions Force,” and working closely with our PR partners around the world. I also handle our off-site content opportunities (magazines, journals, newspapers, etc.). Academically, I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing. When I’m not working, I sing in a band, and I enjoy watching my favorite movies again and again. I also love cooking, and during the pandemic, I became a bread expert — I can now bake the most amazing key lime pie on earth (if I do say so myself!). Plus, I recently discovered LEGO and there is no turning back — I’m hooked! I’m always happy to help, and you can reach me directly at

Recap of Devolutions Central Online 2021!

If we had to pick one word to describe Devolutions Central Online 2021, it would be: WOW!

After a very successful inaugural event last year, we had high expectations for this year’s version. Well, thanks to our incredible keynote speakers and attendees, it was even better than we had hoped!

Devolutions Central Online 2021 by the Numbers

  • 557: the number of people from around the world who registered for the event.
  • 934: the number of messages that attendees sent.
  • 9.2: the aggregate rating from attendees on a scale of 1-10 on whether they thought the event was a success.

We are thrilled with these numbers (especially the last one!), and once again would like to thank our special guests and all of the attendees. We hope that you had as much fun as we did.

So It Begins…

Some productions have truly great introductions — think of The Godfather, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, and The Dark Knight. Well, we wanted to put together an epic introduction (without spending millions of dollars) and based on the feedback we received, we accomplished that goal! For those who missed it or who would like to enjoy it again, here you go:

The Agenda

Devolutions Central Online 2021 was full of learning and laughs. The agenda included:

  • A keynote session by cybersecurity guru and the Founder of Have I Been Pwned? Troy Hunt.
  • Remote Desktop Manager Live: Our CEO David Hervieux and Maxime Trottier, our VP Sales & Marketing explored Remote Desktop Manager.
  • A fun and challenging lunch quiz.
  • A focus on elevating security posture with Devolutions Server.
  • A behind the scenes tour with our Devolutions HQ host Yann.
  • Protect your credentials with Password Hub Business; we dove into why a password manager is a great tool to keep credentials safe + provided a demonstration of Password Hub Business.
  • A hilarious performance by renowned comedian Cory Michaelis.

On-Demand Videos Coming Soon

Videos of each session will be available on our YouTube channel soon, so that you can watch them whenever you wish and share them with your colleagues and network.

The Winners Are…

Congratulations to our two quiz winners: Markus Schinzel, who won a $100 Amazon gift card, and Daniel Glezer, who won a $150 Amazon gift. Markus was randomly selected among all quiz participants, and Daniel had the best score in the quiz.

Congratulations also goes to Michael Leeming, who won a $500 gift card. Michael was randomly selected from all Devolutions Central Online 2021 participants.

Share Your Experience

We would love for you to share your Devolutions Central Online 2021 experience. Please comment below. And since so many people have asked: Yes, we are already thinking about what to do for Devolutions Central Online 2022!

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