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Devolutions Password Server Licensing

There are some issues in life that require deep thought and much speculation, like why you always seem to choose the slowest line at the grocery store, and what if the hokey-pokey really IS what it’s all about?

And then there are other things in life that are refreshingly simple to understand and explain, such as common questions that we get about Devolutions Password Server licensing. Well, my friends, today is going to be a wonderful day, because here are the answers to ALL of these questions!

1. If I already have RDM do I need to buy a User CAL license to access DPS?

If you already have RDM and you only need access to the DPS instance then the answer is no, you don’t need to buy a User CAL license. But if you need to access DPS via the web application or Devolutions Web Login then the answer is yes, you need to buy a User CAL license for each user accessing it.

2. What are the system requirements for Devolutions Password Server?

You need to have either a Microsoft SQL Server, a SQL Express (which is free), or for you lucky ones who already have RDM, you can use a Devolutions Password Server data source which is available with Remote Desktop Manager.

3. What is a User CAL?

CAL stands for a subscription-based Client Access License. If you deploy DPS then you need to purchase one User CAL per user accessing your DPS via the web application or Devolutions Web Login. For example, if you get a DPS Team license for 15 users, then you will need to add 15 User CAL licenses.

4. What is the Devolutions Launcher?

The Devolutions Launcher allows you to easily open remote connections directly from the Devolutions Password Server web interface, via a simplified launcher installed directly on your machine.

5. What does a Devolutions Launcher license include?

The Devolutions Launcher includes one Launcher license **AND **one User CAL.

6. What does a DPS license include?

DPS is a subscription-based license, meaning that you’ll need to renew your license every year. If you buy a DPS Team license, you’ll have:

  • access to the DPS for up to 15 users (**does not include **the User CAL licenses for users)
  • access to 1 data source
  • 1 domain
7. Can multiple users use the same User CAL if they’re not connected at the same time?

No, they can’t. The reason is because User CAL licenses are per user and cannot be shared.

8. What is the difference between Team, Enterprise and Platinum Editions?
  • The DPS Team Editionsubscription includes access for up to 15 users, 1 data source and 1 domain.

  • The DPS Enterprise Editionsubscription includes access for up to 50 users, up to 3 data sources and 1 domain.

  • The DPS Platinum Editionsubscription includes access for an unlimited number of users, an unlimited number of data sources, and an unlimited number of domains.

Please note (once again!) that User CAL licenses need to be purchased separately: one User CAL per user.

Let me give you a real example of what you would need to buy for this scenario:

“My company needs a password management solution and I have 50 users – 10 of them are IT users that would need to launch connections and 40 of them are business users that only need to share and manage their passwords.”

  • 1 DPS Enterprise Edition subscription
  • 10 Devolutions Launcher licenses (for IT users)
  • 40 User CAL licenses (for your business users)

So, there you go, my dear friends. I hope this answers some of the questions you have about DPS licensing. If there’s anything else that you want to know, please get in touch with me, or post your question below. I’ll make sure to answer them as fast as Flash can run!

As always, please let us know your thoughts by using the comment feature of the blog. You can also visit our forums to get help and submit feature requests, you can find them here.

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