If you’re like me and your head is in the clouds a lot (it’s kind of an “absent-minded professor” thing), then you should be using one of my favorite tools: Devolutions Web Login.

Devolutions Web Login is a browser extension that automatically stores and retrieves your login credentials from Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) or Devolutions Server (DVLS).

You can save your credentials in an RDM data source or in your Private Vault.
Changing Your Client Application from RDM to DVLS

Changing your Devolutions Web Login client application from RDM to DVLS is fast and easy. Here’s what to do:

1. Click the Devolutions Web Login icon.
2. In the dropdown menu, click Options.

3. In Devolutions Web Login – General Settings, uncheck Enable link to Remote Desktop Manager app and check Enable link to Devolutions Server.

4. In the Devolutions Server option, enter your Devolutions Server host, and then click Test Server to make sure you’ve entered the right information. If everything works properly, click Save (if you don’t save, your changes won’t take effect).


And there you go! From then on, your Devolutions Web Login client application will be DVLS, and that’s where your credentials will automatically be stored and retrieved. It’s as easy as baking a cake or falling off a log!

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