After reading our community member Frank McCourry’s very interesting article about surviving changes in the IT world, I was inspired to discover new ways that I could adapt. That led me to YouTube, where I came across some great videos that I wanted to share with all of you.

1.   Learn About IT

Not everyone in the IT world is an expert — many people are new, or they have been thrown into an IT role (or had an IT role thrust on them!). That’s where the YouTube channel ITFreeTraining is a great resource. There are some general foundational videos, as well as training series associated with specific certifications, such as the 70-642MCITP. Even if you’re an experienced and seasoned IT pro, I’d recommend you check out these videos. You might learn (or re-learn) something useful!

2.   Learn About IT Certifications

Last year, we put together a list of some of the most popular IT certifications. The YouTube channel run by Professor Messer dives much deeper and is one of the most complete and informative resources about IT certifications that I’ve ever come across. Professor Messer is also a great teacher, and you don’t need to be pursuing a specific certification to enjoy his videos on everything from networks and firewalls to security and Linux.

3.   Learn About Everything Tech Related

One of the greatest YouTube sources for tech related news, views, reviews, gadgets and more is The Verge’s channel. It’s not as technical as some other channels, but that’s because the content is designed to appeal to a wider audience (besides, sometimes you just want an overview of a topic, not a lecture!). It’s also a great source if you’re shopping for devices that you need at work, such as cell phones, smart speakers, tablets, or laptops.

4.   Learn about Geek Stuff

This one is more fun than technical. If you’re a fan of MythBusters then you’ll enjoy Tested, because Jamie and Adam are featured in some videos! The content focuses on testing products, do-it-yourself projects, and some science-related stuff (yeah, science!). It’s a fun channel to check out when you want re-energize your inner geek. My favorite videos are those featuring astronaut Chris Hadfield.

5.   Learn About Devolutions’ Products!

And of course, how could I forget Devolutions’ very own YouTube channel? It’s full of videos on different products, including Remote Desktop Manager (RDM), Devolutions Online Database (DODB), Devolutions Server (DVLS) and Wayk Now. You’ll also find a full range of tutorial videos to get started, and several spotlight videos to teach you how to configure and use specific features.


I hope that you find the above channels interesting and informative, and they help you (just like they’ve helped me) adapt in a constantly-changing IT world.

Do you have any favorite IT-related YouTube channels? If so, please comment below and share them with the community, so that we can all benefit from your knowledge.