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May Poll Results: What’s Your Favorite Help Desk Solution?

Last month, we asked you to share your favorite help desk solution. We had some great responses here on our blog, as well as on our social media platforms.

**Here’s a snapshot of what some of you had to say: **

  • From Nik Jones: “I've always liked SpiceWorks because of the community, the price (i.e free) and the new features that were being constantly added, but my new company uses the Dell Kace K1000, which is starting to grow on me...”

  • From Rachelle Thompson: “We use C2Atom. It's a great web-based system. It not only includes the usual ticketing system, but a CMDB, Knowledge Base and a Portal for clients to create their own requests. It is a full fledged workflow system as well. This allows us to not only use it for IT but for all service departments. I have used Heat and Footprints in the past and would definitely not go back to them. The other thing I love about C2 is they are constantly making their product evolve, they want to hear what their clients need and work towards meeting those needs”.

  • From Miroslav Cacija: “I've been using SmarterTrack solution for years, and I'm pretty satisfied with it, never looked for another solution so far!”

  • From Tommy Boucher: “We have been using* SysAid** for years, and are actively looking for a better solution. The main advantage of SysAid is the pricing! It's hard to find a solution with the same features, not being 10x more expensive.”*

  • From A. Flora: “I use OTRS.. It is free to use and highly customizable. If you want to have it big with all the bells and whistles you can buy the professional add-ons but it sure is not needed if you need a great working ticketing system. I have checked lots of helpdesk systems but none come even close to the functions provided to this system and the fact that it is open source”.

Generally when we looked at all of the responses (those above plus all of the rest), the factors that seem to matter the most when it comes to a great help desk solution are:

  • Customization & Flexibility
  • Constant Innovation (New Features, etc.)
  • Price!
And the Winners Are…

Drum roll please….simply for participating in May’s poll and sharing their opinion, the winners of a $25 Amazon.com gift card are: Rachelle Thompson and A.Flora.


Once again, thanks to everyone for sharing your wisdom and insights. And please stay tuned for the June poll, it’s just around the corner.

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