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Devolutions April poll -2FactorAuthentication

April Poll Results: What’s Your View on Two-Factor Authentication?

Hello RDMers,

May is finally here, which means that the sun and warm weather are finally coming back to our part of the world! Of course, for all the IT pros in the southern hemisphere, to sprinkle in some GoT lingo: Winter is Coming. We hope it’s a mild one, and that you aren’t overrun by freezing winds…or angry Lannisters.

May also means that it’s time to recap last month’s poll, in which we asked you for your **view on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). **

We received some great responses (thank you!). Generally, the consensus opinion is that 2FA has a role to play, but should be implemented selectively when it makes sense. Here’s a snapshot of some of the comments:

  • Two factor authentication is a must-have for companies but - in addition to that - it should be kept in-house. I wouldn't trust Google or Microsoft to take care of my security.
  • Use of two factor authentication is now quite easy and most important software do support it. I use two factor for my important credentials. However, still there are many hurdles in implementation of it due to different technologies involved and cost for maintenance is also high.
  • It makes sense for applications/systems that have high-value, with tech-savvy individuals.
  • I like the 2-factor, but it's hard to make sense for every scenario.
  • I'm a big fan of 2-factor. Not only do we use it at work to access our VPN & Webmail, but I use it for all my personal email accounts, etc. If they support it, I use it.
  • We use it for some system, but we still can't use it for all because of some legacy software.

We also received some valuable feedbacks on how we could improve RDM’s 2FA. Thank you! We’re always listening, and your suggestions have been sent to our development team.

The Winners Are...

The winners of a $25 Amazon.com gift certificate (each) are: desertstromx, Thomas Hofkens and LNKRoel.

Thank you! Please contact me to claim your prize and thank you again to everyone who participated in the poll. Stay tune for May’s poll question, it’s right around the corner.

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