Hello RDMers, Devolutions is truly community driven, we strive to implement as many of your requests as we can, and this makes most of you quite happy. Over the past month or two, we've received more complaints than usual, it just may be that we were a little too trigger happy with those releases.  We understand that some of you like to live on the leading edge, some even on the bleeding edge, we also understand that many of you want stability and ease of management. In order to manage our release in a manner that satisfies the needs of all of you, we have decided that we will limit non-beta releases to one per month.  All of the others will be using the Beta tag.
In File - Options - General - Application Start, you can find the Auto Update section that allows you to customize your upgrade experience.  Ensure you to not include betas to limit the number of updates that you are prompted to apply.
For full details on these update settings, please consult our online help here. This new release strategy is in place for the Windows Edition of our products, our other product lines will adopt it over the coming weeks. As always, please let us know your thoughts by using the comment feature of the blog.  You can also visit our forums to get help and submit feature requests, you can find them here.