Hi everyone,

We have some pretty good news for you!: Remote Desktop Manager for iOS 1.1 is now available!

You Asked – We Delivered!

This latest edition features some key improvements, including one that many of you have been waiting for: you can now automatically open an embedded RDP, VNC, ARD or web browser session from within the app -- just like with RDM for Mac, Windows and Android!

  • New status session support
  • Improved SQL Server support
  • Improved App extension
  • Improved UI
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Remote Desktop Manager iOS

And of course: Our RDM for iOS apps is 100% FREE, and there is no in-app advertising. Please keep in mind, however, that you’ll need an RDM Enterprise license if you wish to connect to your centralized database.

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The iOS team wanted me to let you know that RDM for iOS 1.1.1 is already on its way and you'll find lots of performance improvements!

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