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Devolutions year in review 2015

Devolutions 2015 Year in Review: Part 2

Hello everyone!

It’s time again for the annual Devolutions Year in Review. If you’re just joining the party, then please start by reading Part 1, which covered some of our major events and happenings from January to June.

Here in Part 2, we continue with a look at July to December – hang on, because it was a VERY busy wrap up to the year!


In July, our incredible support team kicked it up a notch and launched our popular Remote Desktop Manager “Getting Started” video tutorial series. The videos cover 5 simple steps for getting the most out of your RDM experience.

We also published a blog post that looked at why you might want to upgrade from Remote Desktop Manager Free to Enterprise. If this is something you’ve been mulling over, the post will help you make an informed decision.

And before leaving July behind, we launched the Devolutions Customer Portal, which allows you to quickly and easily see ALL of your important customer-related information, including: **Quotes, Invoices, Licenses **(if you use RDM Enterprise), and Serial Numbers (if you use RDM Free). As you might expect, access to the portal is completely free and available anytime you wish.


In August we had a blast by sharing a snapshot of life at Devolutions, and showing you some of the things we do to stay healthy, have fun, and promote a collaborative environment and culture.

Also, since our June poll confirmed that most of you prefer to access help online vs. through other channels, we reminded you that you can get plenty of answers in the Devolutions Forum. You can also interact with our team, request features and Add-Ons, discuss issues with IT pros from around world, and more.

And we wrapped up August by launching the new Devolutions Online Drive, which is a completely FREE ** cloud-based platform** that lets you **store and synchronize all your remote connections and credentials ** online, you can access them via Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. To get started, simply register for a free Online Account via the Devolutions Cloud.


September was a unique month, in the sense that we didn’t have any major launches or product announcements. However, by no means were we kicking back and relaxing (or because some of our team members were celebrating that their kids were back to school! Woo hoo!). Rather, we were putting the final touches on TONS of new stuff. As a sneak preview, we put together an update on the Devolutions Roadmap 2015 (our annual preview of the cool things we’re up).


So it begins.

October was the BIGGEST and BUSIEST MONTH in Devolutions history – and that’s saying a lot, because we’ve been around for several years! But October was just a blur with one major announcement after another, including:

  • Major new release for Remote Desktop Manager 11
  • The highly-anticipated release of Remote Desktop Manager for iOS and Android.
  • Announcing that the Devolutions Custom Installer is now included with Remote Desktop Manager at no extra cost.
  • Announcing that Devolutions Online Backup is now included with Remote Desktop Manager at no extra cost.
  • Launching Devolutions Server 3.0, which features 2-factor authentication and more.

And last but certainly not least, after months of renovations, in October we moved into our incredible new building! We now have much more room to support our new team members, and have plenty of collaborative spaces so we can connect, share knowledge, and enjoy what Google calls “informal collisions”.


After a hectic – but exciting – October, we barely had time to catch our breath as November rolled around.

We started off by highlighting how you can use Remote Desktop Manager’s built-in, easy-to-use Screen Recorder to capture a process or issue, and send it straight to our support team so they can see exactly what you do.

We also launched Remote Desktop Manager for Android 1.1, featuring plenty of improvements.


Finally we made it to December (yeah!!!), and had some happy announcements to make as well. First, we kicked off the gift giving season by inviting all of the certified Microsoft MVPs, Citrix CTPs, and VMware vExperts out there to enjoy a free Remote Desktop Manager license.

And since the only thing more fun than giving one gift is giving two gifts, we launched the much improved Remote Desktop Manager for iOS 1.1. Many of the enhancements were based on feedback from our amazing community.


In a way, 2015 flew by, because we were so insanely busy since the beginning of January. But in another way, we experienced so much that it feels like it lasted for years. Perhaps this had a lot to do with the amazing new team members that joined us throughout the year. Each of them has really added something special and unique to our group. We’re like one big, happy, geeky family!

So, that wraps up our ‘greatest hits’ for the year. As always, we wouldn’t be here without all of you. We hope that we exceeded your expectations in 2015.

With all of this being said, please be assured that we aren’t about to take our foot off the gas pedal in 2016. Actually, we’re going to kick it up a gear or two. Curious about what’s in store? Stay tuned for our CEO’s David’s annual Devolutions Roadmap 2016, which we’ll be sharing in a few days.

And last but certainly not least: from the whole team here at Devolutions, have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

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