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iOS versus Android

November Poll : Are You an iPhone iFan or Android Addict?

Hey RDMers,

Almost 2 years ago (wow, where has the time gone!?) we asked you to tell us if we should focus on developing RDM for iOS or RDM for Android.

Plenty of votes came in, and the winner – by a landslide – was Android. And so we went into overdrive, and last month, we officially launched RDM for Android.

Of course, we didn’t forget about all of the iPhone users out there, and we launched RDM for iOS last month as well. It was a very busy month!

Today, we’d like to take a moment, and reflect on the last couple of years. Have you fallen further in love with your iPhone or Android smartphone? Or have you found yourself switching alliances? (It’s OK…don’t feel bad…some relationships don’t work out).

Specifically, for the November poll, here’s what we’d like to know:

**Please tell us the top reasons why you’re STILL an iPhone iFan or an Android Addict. **

**Or, if you switched over the last couple of years, please tell us WHY you felt the need to do so (i.e. cost factor, available of apps, etc.) **

And what if you’re a Windows Phone or Blackberry evangelist? We’d definitely like to hear from you too. Please tell us why you’re still fans, or why you’ve changed to something new.

We know how PASSIONATE most people are about their devices (and we’re no different here), so please feel free to share what’s in your mind and heart. Don’t hold back!


As usual, next month we’ll post some of the responses, and select participants who’ll win a** $25 Amazon gift card**. With Christmas fast approaching, it’s a great way to buy something special for someone on your list…or something for yourself (since you’re special, too!)

You can share your thoughts by commenting below.

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