Hello RDMers,

Well here is something we really hate to do but sometime the ends justifies the means and this is one of those situations! To now be able to use Devolutions Server 3.0 you will be required to have Remote Desktop Manager version 11.0.

You might be wondering why we broke backwards compatibility with our older desktop clients, be assured that we hate imposing this to our community. The Devolutions Server needed a lot of changes to support our new mobile clients; in fact we have implemented a whole new Web API layer.  With the addition of 2-Factor Authentication, it made it impossible to support older clients.

Believe us, we now have a future friendly service layer and we have great plans for Devolutions Server. We can promise you that the future is now even brighter because of it and what is worth being made, is worth being done well!

About Devolutions Server

Devolutions Server is a self-hosted repository that can be deployed online or internally, and used to store and share all of your remote connections, virtual machine connections, and all other private or sensitive information. It extends the capabilities of Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise to create an enterprise wide, high-end data store.

And now in version 3.0, you can take advantage of MAJOR security improvements, including:

  • Adding 2-factor authentication for:
           - AuthAnvil            - Duo            - Google Authenticator            - SMS and email            - MobilePass            - Yubikey
  • Login fail and login history report
  • Syslog integration
  • Geo restriction security
  •  IP restriction security

For a full list of the features in Devolutions Server, check out the Compare Editions!

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