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August’s Poll Results: Will You Update to Windows 10 – Why/Why Not?

Hey RDMers!

School season is almost upon us – which for many parents is blissful, and for many kids is dreadful. Funny how that works, huh?

It’s also time to share the results from our August poll! We asked whether you planned on upgrading to Windows 10 -- and why or why not.

We had lots of great responses, and most of you seem to have taken the Windows 10 plunge either at home, at work, or both. Here are just a few of the comments IT pros in our community shared regarding their Windows 10 experience so far:

  • “I haven't found anything special with win10 on daily usage”.
  • “I upgraded my personal laptop with Windows 8.1 first, because I never liked this OS. Everything went smoothly and I am glad that the old well-known user interface is back”.
  • “I specially like the virtual desktops and the copy / paste feature of the cmd window”.
  • “Cortana is great, multiple desktops are great (though it needs a bit more keyboard shortcuts, to send apps from one to the other for example) and performance has been at least equal to Windows 8.1, so no complaints there”.

And here are some thoughts from IT pros who haven’t yet updated to Windows 10:

  • “As far as my own needs, there is no reason to upgrade yet. The imminent end of support of Windows 7 will most likely be the reason to migrate”.
  • “I will see how things go at work before I decide, but I probably will there too. <sarcasm> I mean what can go wrong, right? </sarcasm>”.

Thank you everyone who participated in the poll, and especially for sharing your advice and insights.

And the winner is…

This month’s randomly-selected winners of a **$25 gift certificate from **Thinkgeek.com is….drum roll please….Darko Bazulj, Przemek Roszek and Dion .

Congratulations! Please send me an email to claim your prize. Perhaps you can pick up this cool Dragon Cake Pan. The last thing you want is to offend your dragon guests – look at what they did to this guy?


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