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JULY POLL QUESTION: What’s Your Favorite Summer Vacation Drink?

Hey everyone!


Honestly, this probably isn’t a big deal if you live in California or Indonesia, but up here we tend to treasure the heat and sunny days while we can.

And there’s yet another reason why we’re happy today: because it’s Thursday! This is our sacred “Beer and Popcorn” day of the week. Late in the afternoon, our team gets together to hang out and have some fun. We play** foosball**, play video games, and yes, we drink beer (or wine), and eat delicious** popcorn**. It really is an important time for us to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

And while I was looking forward to the fun later today, I started thinking: hey, lots of the wonderful IT pros in our community are either on vacation, or heading on vacation soon. And that led to this month’s poll question: What is your favorite summer vacation drink?

This doesn’t have to be the drink that you consume the most (although it could!). We just want to know which one you can’t imagine lying on the** beach** or** beside the pool** without.

Here at the office we couldn't seem to figure what was our favorite beer. Was it Budweiser, Heineken, Coors Light or Bud Light? It was such an hard choice to make that we just decided to buy them all :).

We're curious! Share you favorite summer vacation drink with us and maybe it will give us some nice ideas to fill the empty spaces in our fridge!


Simply by participating on our poll, you’ll be automatically entered to win a $25 thinkgeek.com gift certificate! If you win, you could even buy a mug or glass to enjoy your favorite drink.

Pleas hurry with your responses, though – some folks are heading off on vacation soon, and we wouldn’t want them to miss out on a great new idea.


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