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7 Things New IT Grads Should Know

Hey IT Newbies!

Congratulations on wrapping up your IT degree, diploma or other training program. I’m sure it was a lot of hard work and maybe a few “all-nighters” studying for tests and exams, but here you are ready to enter the IT world and launch your amazing career!

However, before you set out on a fun and hopefully very successful adventure, here are 7 tips that the IT professionals here at Devolutions thought you might find helpful and inspiring

1. Your degree/diploma/certificate is important…but it’s not everything

You should be proud of achieving your academic goals! However, while your credentials are important and valuable, they aren’t everything. So while it’s important to be confident and proud of your achievements so far, it’s even more important to be humble, flexible and open minded.

2. Make new connections and build your network

Now that you’re entering the professional world full-time, it’s really important to make new connections and build your network. A great way to do this is by attending events and meet-ups. Who knows? You might bump into your future boss!

3. Never stop learning

No matter what you achieve in your career – maybe you’ll be the next Silicon Valley mega-CEO – it’s essential that you never stop learning. Yes, I know: you just graduated and you’re probably tired of learning stuff. But guess what? The most important skill you learned in school wasn’t any single piece of knowledge: it was the ability to learn. Besides, as you know, the IT world is constantly evolving. You need to be able to stay on top of things so that you’re supporting your team and impressing your boss :)

4. Go where the knowledge is

While a good (or great!) salary, benefits and perks are worthy considerations, right now the most valuable thing your job search checklist should be learning opportunities. As such, seek out companies that demonstrate a commitment to developing their employees. This could include offering lunch-and-learn sessions, paying for employees to attend conferences, enrol in training programs, and so on.

5. Seek to understand and appreciate the complete IT story

You have a passion for technology, and are probably the super IT geek among your friends and family (that’s why they keep bugging you to fix their computer!). However, the tech world is not just about the hardware or software. It’s also about product development, research, testing, operations, sales, marketing, support, innovation…and more! All of these are part of the complete IT story. And while you can’t become an expert in all of these fields, seek to understand and appreciate as much as you can. This awareness will serve you very well in your career for many years to come!

6. Express yourself!

Many recent graduates choose to be “seen and not heard” in their new workplace. And while it’s very important to learn and listen, you should also feel empowered to express your thoughts and share your ideas. True, your new colleagues may not always agree with your suggestions and input – but that’s okay and how things go sometimes! Always remember that leaders who make a difference in the workplace are those who are willing to express themselves, and want others to do the same.

7. Wait a little before starting your own business

You may have dreams of starting your own business, and that’s great. However, it may be wiser to learn about business by being part of a team and, especially by working in an entrepreneurial environment. The best way to be a successful leader is to be mentored by one.

The Bottom-Line

Your career journey and adventure is just getting started – which is exciting! Be sure to make the most of this opportunity by learning as much you can, working hard, making connections and friends, and staying true to your vision and passion.

Good luck!

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