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Remote Desktop Manager for Mac 2.5

Remote Desktop Manager for Mac 2.5 is Here!

After plenty of long days (that sometimes turned into long evenings!) the Devolutions team is thrilled to announce that Remote Desktop Manager for Mac 2.5 is here!

What’s New

  • New Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) performance with the MVS Adaptive codec
  • New entry TODOs option
  • New Batch Edit functionality
  • New Refactoring functionality
  • New Splunk connection type
  • …and several other new features and tools.

We’ve also taken care of multiple UI improvements and fixes. Overall, there are nearly 30 additions and enhancements in RDM 2.5 for Mac. You can see the full change history here:

Download it Now

You can download RDM 2.5 for Mac right now from:

  • If you’re an existing Enterprise License Holder, you can upgrade at no cost.

  • If you’re new to the Devolutions community (welcome aboard!) you can try the Enterprise version FREE for 30 days.

Give Us Your Feedback

We’d love to know what you think of RDM for Mac 2.5. We regularly incorporate user suggestions into future versions. Connect with us via Facebook, Twitter, Spiceworks, our blog, or in the Devolutions Forum. We’re always listening!

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