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Best Geeky Drinking Games!

Hey everyone,

Here at Devolutions we work really hard to make your lives as simple, easy and efficient as possible. We know that IT pros like you are “always expected to do more with less,” and we try to be part of the solution. After all, we’re geeks too!

And speaking of geeks: every now and then, we take a break from the serious work of software innovation, development, support and sales, so that we can PARTY! And what’s a geek party without geeky drinking games, right!?

Since this week it's Spring Break, we thought it would be fun to list some of the games that we like playing. Maybe it will give you some ideas!

Quidditch Beer Pong

Ah, here’s a Potter-ish twist on the old favorite game of beer pong. Behold: Quidditch Beer Pong!!!

!!Quidditch beerpong

What You’ll need:

  • 12 cups (2 for water)
  • 1 ping pong ball for every 2 players
  • Enough beer & liquor on deck so you’ll stop feeling silly for playing this game
  • 1 Snitch Pong Ball w/ wings attached (optional)

The Set-Up:

Get a regular beer pong table, but use a 10 cup rack on each side. If you want to use the optional final-cup rule where only the Snitch can be used, then the glue wings onto one of your ping pong balls and color it gold (yes that’s right: gold). Next, make the three Quidditch Pong goals to shoot through. Then, fill the 10-rack up with beer and fill up the water cups. Last but not least, bust out your fabulous sorting hat (you DO have a fabulous sorting hat, right?) to decide which team shoots first.

The Rules:

Quidditch Beer Pong is kind of relaxed as far as rules go. Basically, the goal is to be the first team to reach 100 points. This will not be as easy as it looks. But nothing noble and meaningful ever is, right?

Wizard’s Staff

While we’re on the subject of wizards, here’s another drinking game that truly brings out the geek in all of us. Wizard’s Staff is all about drinking cans of beer, taping each empty can end on end (with duct tape, of course…geeks love duct tape). Each can represents 1 level, so if you have 3

cans, you’re a level 3 wizard. Cool huh?

Now, here’s where things get really bizarre: every x number of levels (you choose the number), you want to have a “Boss Battle.” That’s when you take a shot, and it’s where your creativity comes into the picture. For example, the Boss for level 3 can be “Goldschlager Dragon”. Obviously, it’s best to prepare everything beforehand (naming conventions included, as the more inebriated you get the harder it will be to come up with fun names…you’ll likely just say the old names over again, but louder and louder).

The game ends when one wizard reaches level 10, or when both wizards agree that further play will resume when the room stops spinning.

Beer Chess

That one is pretty easy… you play chess using beer as the pieces. Then you take a sip as each piece is moved. And if you don’t know how to play chess: don’t worry! After enough moves and sips, even a Grand Master won’t know his bishop from a pawn.

Tipsy Tetris

Tetris while sober is hard enough (especially those evil blocks…!). But playing it as you drink adds a whole new dimension of utter Tetris-mania. Better yet, go multiplayer because, well, you know…drinking alone and playing Tetris is kind of sad.


**Suggested drink triggers: **

  • Drink when someone’s item affects you
  • Waterfall during the stopwatch
  • Take 5 drinks for squishing the tiny climbing man
  • Take 4 drinks when someone else clears a line
  • Drink according to your final placement
  • Consecutive wins take a vodka shot

Mario Kart Drunk Driving

I’m soooooo excited about this one!! Mario Kart is my favorite video game EVER!! As if Mario Kart wasn’t fun enough on its own, now it can become a drinking game! Learn how to play it by watching this video. Just keep in mind that it’s a GAME, so don’t do it in real life!

What’s you favorite

That should be enough drinking games for now, huh? Your turn! Do you know a geeky drinking game to share with us? Maybe it will give us ideas for our next Devolutions Party! Tell us your favorite or favorites, and you’ll have a chance to win a** $25 gift certificate**! You can comment below or directly on ourSpiceworks page!


PS: This goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: please never drink and drive (or operate any other vehicle or machinery for that matter). And in no way are we advocating that anyone should drink too much, or endanger their health or anyone else’s. Always plan ahead, drink responsibility, and make sure that everyone is safe. Geeks are supposed to be geniuses, so make sure you always party smart!

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