Hello RDMers,

We receive requests in relation to supporting VMware clients and libraries quite often.  Honestly I do not know about you but the products changing names, technologies being deprecated then being reinstated, etc, etc, are making it extremely hard to understand which tool to use against different environments.

Some of you prefer the old fashioned console, some of you like the PowerCLI implementation, the rest of you want us to support the new version 7.0 VMware console which works only if you have installed the vSphere Web Client...

Devolutions holds a license for the vSphere Essentials pack, we do not have needs for a virtualization infrastructure that would require more than that. This is why we're calling on you, our faithful community of users.  We would need assistance from a few users to test out solutions.  We honestly wish to provide the best support that we can for as many of these VMware tools that we can.  Its just extremely hard at this time.

If you agree to help us out, please drop us a line at support@devolutions.net, we'll gladly take all the help we can!

Don’t forget that we give a FREE Remote Desktop Manager LICENSE to VMware vExperts. More details here : https://blog.devolutions.net/2015/12/free-license-offer-for-microsoft-mvpcitrix-ctpvmware-vexperts.html