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5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Geeks

Hey everyone,

Christmas is around the corner and we’re so excited!! Here at Devolutions, we decided to do a little gift exchange among colleagues. But since we’re all such geeks, finding the perfect gifts can be tough.

Well, we’ve done some searching and found not one, not two, but FIVE perfect Christmas gifts for geeks! Here’s our list:

**1- ** Tony Stark Light Up LED Iron Man Shirt

For the superhero wannabe on your list, forget that Superman t-shirt that everyone already has, and wrap up this official Marvel merchandise of Tony Stark and his Arc Reactor! Yes, those ARE battery-powered LED’s behind the shirt. On the geek scale, that’s a 10/10. Oh and yes, the LEDs can be removed for easy washing.

Tony Stark Light Up LED Iron Man Shirt

**2- ** USB LED Beverage Cooler

A lot of the geeks here at Devolutions try to live healthy, but our Kryptonite is definitely a good cold beer (after work of course)! So why not delight the beer-drinking geek on your list with this USB-powered mini-fridge? Of course, they can store other things, too…but why take up valuable beer cooling real estate?


**3- ** Geeky Christmas Sweater

If you’re like us and you’re a big fan of the movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, then the words “Clark Griswold’s Sweater” means something very special to you. Well, guess what? Now you can choose from three sweaters that are even more gloriously geeky!

Behold Yoda (“Christmas merry you must have, hmmm?”), The Grinch (he’s a mean one, Mr. Grinch), and of course, the all-time great Bat Man and Super Man in the MOST. HEROIC. POSE. EVER.

A word of warning though: if you’re a single geek and you wear this in a mall or pretty much anywhere else, you’re going to become a GEEK MAGNET. So beware…


**4- ** Darth Vader Upholstered Chair

Honestly, words can’t do justice to just how BAD ASS this chair is. The moment you sit in it, you start breathing heavy and you suddenly “find other people’s lack of faith disturbing.” C’mon, after a long day of geeking out at work, what geek wouldn’t want to plop down on this baby and crush a rebellion or two?


**5- ** Star Wars Light Up Lawn Ornaments

Stop the presses: We’ve NEVER seen such geeky ornaments ever! Santa’s old-fashioned now. Why not spruce up a geek’s home or office this year with some awesome Star Wars action?


And now it’s your turn! Do you have any good geek gift suggestions for us? Or are you a geek and really hope someone gets you a special gift this year (did someone say Game of Thrones on Blue Ray?). Please share your answers below, or comment on our Spiceworks Page.


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