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October Poll Results - Why not become a sysadmin

October Poll Results: Top 3 Reasons NOT to become a Sysadmin

Hey everyone,

Last month we asked you to share the top 3 reasons to become a Sysadmin. You can check out the poll results here.

Well, the response was so great, that we decided to have even more fun by asking you this month what you thought the top 3 reasons NOT to become a Sysadmin. Once again, we received plenty of answers -- and most of them were hilarious!

If we could, we’d list all of them here because they’re all so good. But since we know you don’t want to spend all day reading our blog (although you’re certainly welcome to do so if you wish!), here are the best 7 reasons NOT to become a Sysadmin as selected by the friendly geeks here at Devolutions:

  1. Hours, hours, hours, hours and ….oh yeah…hours!
  2. Stress! (Hey don’t let it get to you – why not read some Sysadminotaur comics to unwind?)
  3. Malnutrition! It’s just too easy to grab some chips, fast food, candy bars and other junk food.
  4. Demanding end users (of course!)
  5. Everything is urgent, even when it's not (maybe this has something to do with #2 on our list!)
  6. Working all major holidays, late nights, and weekends to perform maintenance and upgrades (see #2); And last but certainly not least,
  7. Users who say: “No, I didn't click on anything. The virus infected my machine all by itself!"

And the Winners Are…

We’re thrilled to give away three single RDM licenses to randomly selected poll participants. The lucky winners for October are: Benjamin0732, Wayne and David De Boom. Congratulations!

Again, thank you to everyone who participated, and stay tuned for the November poll!


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