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February Poll Results: Are you iPhone or Android?

Hey everyone,

Can you believe it? February is already over! Actually, we’re kind of happy about that, because February is a bit meh as far as months go. Plus, Spring is just around the corner. Oh, and we have another good reason to be happy and excited: February’s poll results are in!

As you may remember, last month we asked: are you iPhone or Android? Well, the response was AWESOME! We received a lot of answers here on the blog and via email, and more than 950 of you responded on Spiceworks. That’s right: more than 950! We still can’t believe it, and are thrilled with the response – thank you!

The Winner

So who won the battle between iPhone and Android? According to our community, the winner is…drum roll…Android!!!!

Of course, some of you prefer iPhone, Blackberry and Windows phone. However, Android was by far the big winner. As for the numbers:

  • Android: 665
  • iPhone: 252
  • Windows Phone: 43
  • Blackberry: 9

Plus, there were quite a few of you who use Android at work, and iPhone away from work. And, really, what the heck is happening to poor Blackberry? I can remember when EVERYONE had -- or wanted to have -- a Blackberry. Oh well…maybe it’ll make a comeback?

Also, as you may recall, one of the reasons we were very interested in your answers, is because we’re developing Remote Desktop Manager for mobile devices – and want to know if we should lean towards Android or iPhone. Well, I think we have our answer! We'll start with Remote Desktop Manager for Android.

Poll Winners

We’re REALLY glad that we didn't have to pick the best responses – because there were SO MANY RESPONSES that we’d be at it for weeks! Instead, we simply picked 4 names at random to win a $25 Amazon gift certificate. The lucky winners are: Dok, V Britt, Markus S and Steve Gossett.

Congratulations everyone!

On behalf of the team here at Devolutions, I’d like to thank all of you who participated to our February poll. Stay tuned for the March Poll – coming soon!


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