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Patrick Pilotte

Patrick Pilotte

Hello! My name is Patrick Pilotte, and I am an Operations Security Specialist. I have been in IT since 2007, and worked in a variety of roles including IT technician, network administrator, technical services coordinator, and IT instructor. My current role on the Devolutions Security Team involves analyzing and designing security strategies, as well as providing security recommendations to our staff. I also analyze, prioritize, and resolve vulnerabilities that affect our services and infrastructure. Plus, I educate our teams about security. Outside of work, I enjoy restoring old arcade games and playing golf. I also love supporting my two girls in their hobbies and interests. I would like everyone in our community to know that they can count on me to always do my best, and strive to ensure that Devolutions’ products, services, and infrastructure is safe and secure. You can reach me directly at

Using TRIM to Meet Enhanced Business, Security, and Compliance Needs

Using TRIM to Meet Enhanced Business, Security, and Compliance Needs

This article describes a simple, fast, and proven process improvement program called a TRIM check, which enables businesses to meet enhanced business, security, and compliance needs.

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