Jean-Philippe Charest

Jean-Philippe Charest

Hello there! My name is Jean-Philippe, and I’m a Technical Writer here at Devolutions. I started working here a few years ago as part of our Quality Assurance team. Currently, I’m in charge of the Devolutions Online Help portal. I love sharing information with our global community of users, and strive to ensure that our on-demand support content is easy to access, comprehensive and clear. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to email me at

RDM New Multi Monitors Feature

New in RDM 13: Undocked Window Container

Controling the IT chaos in your world is a challenge — especially when you’re running multiple apps at the same time. That’s why we think you’ll like (or maybe even love) an improved feature in RDM 13...

Remote Desktop Manager Tag Manager

Improved Remote Desktop Manager Feature: Tag Manager

If you have dozens, hundreds or thousands of entries in Remote Desktop Manager (RDM), you probably wish there was a fast and easy way to find the specific entry you need, when you need it. Well guess ...

RDM 13 New Feature Check Out Check In

Remote Desktop Manager 13 Sneak Peek: Check Out

You know how frustrating it is when another user disconnects you from a server? Sure, it’s not personal — but it’s still annoying. Well, that suffering is over thanks to the new Check Out feature, whi...