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Bonjour! My name is France. Over the past 25 years, I have gained extensive experience as a User Liaison, QA, Implementation Advisor, and Trainer in various IT domains and companies. For the past few years, I have had the pleasure of being part of the Devolutions team, and I can confidently say that I have found my rightful place. Since the beginning of Devolutions Hub Business, I have been actively involved in coordinating and contributing to the development of an enhanced user experience with the product and its companion tools. My passion lies in assisting both users and colleagues, providing training that simplifies workflows internally at Devolutions and benefits our valued customers externally. When I'm not immersed in the world of IT, I enjoy playing Djembe, exploring the great outdoors, and embracing the VanLife experience. Alongside these personal pursuits, I proudly serve as a Product Marketer at Devolutions, specializing in Hub Business.

What’s new in Devolutions Hub Business 2024.1.100 (mid-release)


In preparation for our upcoming 2024.2 release, our 2024.1.100 mid-release introduces a collection of enhancements to Devolutions Hub Business, making it our most efficient and secure version yet.

Have you ever been told by someone that they have “some good news and some bad news,” and you get to choose the one that you want to hear first?

Well, here at Devolutions we don’t like being the bearers of bad news. So today we have some good news for all of you. And then we have some MORE good news!

The first piece of good news is that the next major update to Devolutions Hub Business — version 2024.2 — is on the way, and it will be our most secure and efficient version ever. We expect to make an official announcement in the coming weeks.

The second piece of good news is that our development team has already made some significant improvements to the most recent mid-release version of Devolutions Hub Business (2024.1.100, now available). Below, we will highlight three exciting enhancements in this mid-release.

Delete multiple entries simultaneously

Have you ever needed to delete multiple entries in Devolutions Hub Business, and wished there were a way to do this rapidly and easily in just a few clicks? Well, your wish is our command!

You can now delete multiple entries simultaneously. Simply hold down Ctrl and click on the entries that you wish to remove. When finished, click the Delete button. In just a few seconds, your data hygiene efforts will make you as proud and triumphant as Maurice from Sysadminotaur!


PAM: new checkout policy and password rotation policy

We have improved the Privileged Access Management (PAM) module in Devolutions Hub Business by introducing two important new policies: a PAM checkout policy, and a password rotation policy.

The PAM checkout policy supports multiple methods:

  • Required/Self-approval allowed (default): All checkout requests must be approved. Requesters who have permission to approve checkout requests can approve their own requests.
  • Approval required: All checkout requests must be approved by any approver other than the requester, even if the requester has approval permissions.
  • No approval required: All checkout requests are automatically approved by the system.

The policy method can be selected or changed in System settings > Advanced, or specified directly in the PAM vault management.


The PAM password rotation policy supports multiple methods:

  • Mandatory on check-in (default): Every time a privileged account is checked in, its password will be reset.
  • None: No password rotation will be performed on a privileged account upon check-in, and the password cannot be reset manually.
  • Manual only: A privileged account password can only be reset manually.
  • Periodical: Periodic password resets can be scheduled to occur every x hour(s) or day(s).

Manual only
Manual only

Periodical password reset
Periodical password reset

Force biometric locking in the Workspace mobile app

To enhance security, admins can now force Devolutions Workspace Mobile App users to use biometric locking. If this setting is enabled, users will need to configure biometric authentication in order to launch Devolutions Hub Business on their mobile device.*

To toggle this feature, go to System settings in Hub, select RDM and companion tools, and enable the biometric locking option for Workspace.


*This change will be reflected in the Workspace mobile app in the next version (v.2024.1.7.0).

Tell us what you think

We hope that you enjoy these mid-release enhancements that are now available in Devolutions Hub Business. Tell us what you think by commenting below. We are always listening to you!

And as mentioned earlier, Devolutions Hub Business version 2024.2 is on the way! Stay tuned for the official announcement in the coming weeks.

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