As you may be aware, some companies such as Apple have decided to retire (a.k.a. deprecate) support for the 32-bit version of their applications. We have been thinking of making the same change to Remote Desktop Manager, since the majority of our customers use the 64-bit version. On the other hand, we also recognize that some people may want to use the 32-bit version for virtual machines, or on their home computer. There are, however, some keys benefits to having only the 64-bit version, like reducing the installer size, focusing on only one platform and having only one executable and one shortcut.

Listening to our community is VERY important to us, which is why we’d like for you to tell us: should we retire RDM’s 32-bit version and focus exclusively on the 64-bit version?

Please comment below and share your opinion. We will take all of your valuable feedback into consideration before making any decisions.

Thank you in advance for your input, and we look forward to your advice!