Patrick Desilets

Hello! I'm Patrick, Devolutions’ friendly neighborhood cartoonist. I draw the Sysadminotaur comics, and all the related artwork and illustrations. I'm an animator by trade, with a heavy penchant for old school exaggerated cartoony characters. So, while I dig the techy stuff and work with techy people, I'm technically not an IT person myself. I’m an imposter, if you will. But all of this (I hope!) converges into an interesting take on the world of IT that will appeal to the savvy IT pros out there, as well as, of course, my fellow imposters.


Vault - An Animated Short

The first Sysadminotaur animated short is finally here and we can't contain our excitement! Watch it now!

To learn more about the making of, read the interview we had with the Sysadminotaur creator, Patrick Desilets!

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