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Poll May Definition True Geek

May Poll: What Is the Definition of a True Geek?

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Over the years, the term “geek” has totally changed its image. Once upon a time, it was a massive insult to be branded a geek. Basically, it was like being called a nerd but without the high IQ.

But these days, being a geek is a huge compliment and a badge of honor. From Sir Tim Berners-Lee to Jim Parsons’ “Sheldon Cooper” character on The Big Bang Theory, geeks are everywhere. Oh, by the way, did you know that Jim Parsons’ IQ is 187? That’s 27 points higher than Albert Einstein’s. Bazinga!

So, with all of this geek-love in the air, let’s get to May’s poll question. This month, we want you to dive deep into your big brain and tell us: What is the definition of a true geek?

This is an open-ended question and there are no limits. You can list a single characteristic or habit, or you can list several. You may even want to describe a true geek in terms of what they do for their colleagues, friends, and even sometimes total strangers (like helping them download an app or getting their smartwatch to work!).

You can also list one or more geeks who you believe personify authentic geekiness, such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Linus Torvalds, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Augusta Ada King (who wrote the first algorithm designed to be processed by a machine). If you decide to name some of your geek heroes and heroines, please share a few words explaining why they inspire you.

You Could Win!

Simply by participating in this month’s poll, you’ll be automatically entered to win one of two $25 Amazon gift cards. Think of all the geeky things you could buy! We’ll announce the lucky winners when we look at the results early next month. Thanks in advance for participating.

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