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Devolutions Launcher 1 Released

[OFFICIAL RELEASE] Say Hello to Devolutions Launcher 1.0!

Two months ago we announced the beta release of Devolutions Launcher, which is a free companion tool for Devolutions Password Server (DPS) and the upcoming Devolutions Password Hub. Today, I’m delighted to announce that the first official version (1.0) of Devolutions Launcher is now available for download: you can get it here.

What is Devolutions Launcher?

In the past, in order to launch remote connections or sessions from Devolutions Password Server, you had to use Remote Desktop Manager (RDM). But with Devolutions Launcher, you can simply and securely do this from your web browser through the Devolutions Password Server menu. Credentials and remote session information are sent to the Launcher App, which opens an embedded remote session. In this sense, Devolutions Launcher is a “lightweight edition” of Remote Desktop Manager that fits perfectly in your Devolutions Password Server toolbox.

Configuring Devolutions Launcher

Configuring Devolutions Launcher is easy. Once your download is complete, simply log into your Devolutions Password Server account, and then click on the rocket icon.** **For more information on how to configure Devolutions Launcher you can watch this video:

Compatibility & Support

Devolutions Launcher is currently available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, and it supports RDP, ARD, VNC, SSH (Shell, Tunnel, PortForward) and Telnet. We’re currently working on adding support for STFP, FTP, TFTP, SCP, Proxy Tunnel and Web Browser. And don’t worry: we haven’t forgotten about our Linux users! The Linux version is in development and should be available in the next month or so. Please stay tuned for updates.

Thank You + Tell Us What You Think

We’d like to thank all of our beta testers for providing invaluable advice and recommendations. Thank you for pointing us in the right direction. We’d also invite all of you to share your feedback after trying Devolutions Launcher 1.0. We’re always improving things around here, and the next version of Devolutions Launcher is already in the works! You can share your views by commenting below, posting in our forum, or emailing us.

**Watch Devolutions Launcher in action here: **

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