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[Video] What's New in Devolutions Web Login 7.0

Devolutions Web Login 7.0 Has Arrived!

If you haven’t had a chance to try out our browser extension—Devolutions Web Login (DWL), it’s not too late! It’s free and you can download it here.

What is Devolutions Web Login?

For those who aren’t familiar with our product, DWL is a plugin that allows you to easily create, store and auto-fill your login credentials and passwords to any websites directly from your web browser.

The process is pretty straightforward. First you connect DWL with one our password management solutions (Remote Desktop Manager, or Devolutions Password Server), then you can store and retrieve credentials from your secure vault automatically. Logging into websites has never been this easy!

What has Changed in Version 7.0?

Devolutions Web Login 7.0 comes packed with several new improvements, here's a list of just a few of them (along with timestamps) from our video:

  • Brand new color theme and clean interface [1:44]
  • New repository dropdown [2:20]
  • Updated "Manual New Entry" layout [2:30]
  • Added password/credential count icons [3:09]
  • Redesigned the "New Entry" prompt [4:28]
Compatible with All Your Favorite Browsers

Devolutions Web Login 7 is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer—So what are you waiting for, download it today?

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