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Remote Desktop Manager 13 5

[RELEASE] Remote Desktop Manager 13.5 Is Now Available!

The number of Remote Desktop Manager users has topped 335,000 across more than 140 countries. It’s an honor for us to help so many IT pros and organizations around the world use RDM to secure their data and privileged accounts, become more efficient and productive, and control the IT chaos in their world.

But the number of RDM users and our pride aren’t the only things that are increasing, because RDM is also on the rise: say hello to version 13.5!

What’s New

As many of you already know, RDM 13.5 actually launched a couple of weeks ago. Here are some of the new features and functions in RDM 13.5:

  • Dropdown Menu for Quick and Easy Repository Switch
  • Favorite and Recent Tabs Now Display Sessions from Multiple Repositories
  • New Thumbnail Overview Dashboard for Current Opened Sessions
  • Support for 1Password Web Mode
  • Support for Box Cloud Explorer
  • New CyberArk Vault Integration
  • New RoboForm Credential Entry
  • Many Performance Enhancements
  • More than 125 improvements and fixes

Overall, there are a whopping 291 (yes that’s right: 291) additions, enhancements and improvements in RDM 13.5. We don’t play it small with releases! To see the complete change history, please click here.

How to Get Remote Desktop Manager 13.5

If you’re an Enterprise license holder, then upgrading to RDM 13.5 is FREE. Simply download it and you’ll be good to go:

If you’re new to RDM, you can request a free 30-day trial of RDM Enterprise here. This is a 100% no-risk way to put RDM Enterprise to the test and see if it’s right for you and your team.

If you’ve been using RDM Free and want to upgrade to RDM Enterprise, or if you’d like to renew your maintenance program, please visit our store or email our amazing inside sales team at: They’ll be happy to help.

Send Us Your Feedback

As always, many of the improvements we’ve made to RDM 13.5 are the result of feedback from our remarkable community of IT pros — a.k.a. YOU. Please let us know what you think by commenting below or posting in our forum. You can also email me directly, and I’ll make sure that our RDM Development team gets your feedback. We’re always listening!

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