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Still a software developer at heart, I am the products VP at Devolutions, tasked with helping our corporate customers in using our products efficiently, and making sure that our products fulfill their needs by monitoring our workspace in the IT industry. I have worked many years in the Medical Software field, and was 'that' Dev who was always taking care of the network infrastructure because... well... we could not afford to hire an IT guy. This makes me especially in tune with the business requirements of IT staff. Some would say I know just enough to be dangerous, but that's another story...

Must You Always Renew Your Maintenance Plan? (AKA Do I have to keep my RDM up to date)

The Remote Desktop Manager license is perpetual, meaning that** you can keep on using it forever**. On the other hand, you may be forced to upgrade to a new version whenever there is a technological change in your environment that broke an RDM feature that you are dependent upon. The most usual scenarios are with packages like Dropbox, Azure, VMware, etc. These regularly change and we sometimes have to react quickly to fix our integration for a specific type. In rare cases, it's the operating system version that causes issues. For example, the** Windows 10 anniversary update forced a lot of our users to upgrade.** Those reasons are outside of our control and most people understand the need to keep pace with the technology. There are other constraints when using other Devolutions products, namely our Devolutions Online Database service, or our Devolutions Server product. In all its history, we've kept it backward compatible with older versions of RDM, but with version 4.0 or our Server, we had to break with tradition because we brought significant architectural changes. Our current situation is that DVLS version 4.0 requires RDM version 12.0. We cannot commit to keeping the server forever backward compatible, but our track record indicates that we do not break compatibility lightly. If you use RDP, one can also see that the industry is moving towards HDPI displays. Those that follow Microsoft's insider preview program can see changes in that area in almost every release. They are keeping us on our toes and we cannot foresee when this will stabilize. This protocol is the most used within our community and it is likely that soon there will be another breaking change in that area. Be assured that we do not wish to force people to upgrade, our licensing policy has always been customer friendly and we want to keep it that way.

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