As you hopefully know by now, the official release of Remote Desktop Manager 12 is closer than ever! Recently, we shared an advance preview of what’s in store, including the new PowerShell module. It’s a feature that many of you have asked for, and since making the announcement, we’ve received plenty of positive feedback from excited users. Thanks, everyone!

Most of you know all about PowerShell, but just in case you’re not very familiar with it: PowerShell is a Windows open-source super command prompt that helps sysadmins save time by automating tasks and configurations. 

And that brings us to the November poll question: What have you automated using PowerShell?

It could be anything! Plus, you have the chance to share your RDM automated work with the Devolutions' community ! 

Please describe your creation. You can even share it with the community right here! We know that many IT pros like to work “behind the scenes” (so people don’t bug you and waste your time!), but if you’re a PowerShell Wizard: now is your time to shine!  The spotlight and the stage are yours…

Share & Win

Simply by participating in our poll, you’ll be automatically entered to WIN one of two $25 Amazon gift certificates. Hey – with the holidays right around the corner, wouldn’t it be nice to get a $25 head start on your shopping list? Or maybe you can pick something up for yourself (Walking Dead on Blu-ray? New external hard drive? Decisions, decisions…).

Good luck!