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Top 6 reasons to upgrade from RDM Free to RDM Enterprise

[UPDATE] Top 6 Reasons to Upgrade from Remote Desktop Manager Free to Enterprise

Hi RDMers!

One of the most common questions we get is: “What are the benefits of upgrading from Remote Desktop Manager Free to Enterprise?

Well, last year we posted a blog about this, and it was really well-received. So we decided we’d revisit it this year, and we’ve actually added a NEW reason and a BONUS.

So here are the top 6 (not 5!) reasons – and the bonus reason -- why many users choose to upgrade from Remote Desktop Manager Free to Enterprise:

1. Automatic Data Source Syncing

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise works with a variety of advanced data sources (e.g. SQL Server, MySQL, Devolutions Online Database, Devolutions Server). And so when an admin sets up a connection, changes a password, adds an attachment or manages entries, these actions are automatically synced across all users. This is much more efficient than having to update each data sources manually, plus it improves accuracy and reduces errors.

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2. Advanced Password Management

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise features built-in advanced password management tools, which allows users to quickly manage, change and generate ONLY strong passwords via a secured platform. This integrated password management functionality is also ideal for users who store usernames/passwords in other tool, such as KeePass, LastPass, 1Password and many others.

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3. Advanced Security Management

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise features an easy-to-use interface for managing user security rights. After creating profiles for either built-in users or domain users, admins can partially or completely restrict access to a specific session, or to a subset assigned to a security group. With RDM Enterprise it’s also possible to set-up database encryption with a specific pass-phrase, which provides an added layer of protection.

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4. Console and Dashboard Integration

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise integrates with many popular consoles and dashboards, such as Microsoft’s Azure, Terminal Services and Hyper-V consoles as well as Citrix’s XenServer, Amazon’s AWS and VMware. Being able to monitor all of these consoles and dashboard from within RDM Enterprise helps users save time and improve productivity and performance.

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5. Centralized Logs & Attachments

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise automatically keeps track of every action performed during a session (e.g. editing, deleting, opening/closing), and feeds this information directly into a centralized database. As a result, admins can monitor, verify and analyze the time spent by each user on a specific client, or on a particular machine. Also, if they wish users can utilize RDM Enterprise’s data source as a centralized data repository to store and organize comprehensive information about their customers and/or their machines.

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6. Comprehensive Document Management

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise lets users easily **organize and manage all of their important documents **including contact management, PDF, Word, Excel as well as their team’s to-do lists. This is a very helpful tool for managing day-to-day tasks.

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Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise now has a NEW FEATURE called The Play List! This is designed like a music play list, but instead of letting you enjoy your favorite tunes, it is used to create groups of sessions for specific tasks or for security reasons. You can even build your own Play Lists and start all entries at the same time!

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The Bottom Line

Basically, it comes down to this: if you’re happy with the Free edition of RDM and it’s giving you all of the functionality, simplicity and productivity you need, then great! We hope that you keep using it and tell all of your colleagues and peers about how it’s helping you control IT chaos.

But…if you’re working as part of a TEAM – which means that there are two or more IT pros working with RDM – then upgrading to the Enterprise edition is a no-brainer. You’ll immediately reap the benefits, and your only regret will be that you didn’t upgrade sooner!

You can download a FREE 30 day trial of the Enterprise Edition here:

And feel free to compare the Free Edition to the Enterprise Edition here:


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